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01 August 4:22 pm


CARSON, Calif. – The LA Galaxy are ready for Thursday’s friendly against Real Madrid, but admit that the friendly could not have come at a more difficult time for the club.

In the middle of their league schedule—with their third game in ten days—and with CONCACAF Champions League dates on the horizon, the Galaxy will host the Spanish giants while simultaneously preparing for a vital league game against the Seattle Sounders on Sunday. Although each Galaxy player admitted that the friendlies serve a valuable purpose for the club, when asked about the timing of the friendly, forward Robbie Keane provided an honest response.

“Terrible. That’s being totally honest with you,” said Keane. “We have a game on Sunday, which is obviously more important than [Thursday’s] game. The timing in these situations are never great because we have games on the weekend so the only time that we can fit them in during the week.

“It’s a friendly game, this game is probably more for Real Madrid then us to be honest with you. It’s for them for the preseason,” Keane added later. “We’re not going to win the championship by beating Real Madrid tomorrow. For us, it’s a great honor and great privilege against a massive club and great players, but like I said our bread and butter is Sunday against teams that we can do something, which is Seattle. If we get three points, it pushes further up the table.”  

However, despite the difficult scheduling, Keane told reporters that he and the rest of his Galaxy teammates are not planning to just roll over for Real Madrid.

“Of course, every player wants to win regardless of when you’re playing,” said Keane. “Listen, we’re not going into tomorrow’s game thinking that we’re going to do Real Madrid a favor and just let them pass the ball around and get their fitness out in preparation for their season. The players that haven’t been playing a lot of minutes, it’ll be good for them. Listen, every game that we want to play, we want to win.”

While Keane admitted that the timing of the friendly is difficult for the Galaxy, he is confident that head coach Bruce Arena will regulate minutes to ensure that players do not overspend themselves with the important match against Seattle looming.

“It’ll be one of those things that I don’t think anybody will be playing 90 minutes so a lot of players will play 45 minutes,” said Keane. “So I’m sure that it won’t be too bad.”

01 August 2:21 pm

CARSON, Calif.  – Slowly but surely, LA Galaxy forward Edson Buddle is making his way back to full fitness.

Buddle has been unavailable since undergoing surgery in his right knee on June 5th to repair damage to his meniscus, which was suffered during the Galaxy's match against the Houston Dynamo in late May. Over the past couple weeks; Buddle has gradually returned to action, but on Wednesday, the forward admitted that he is feeling better than ever.   

 “I’m feeling good. It’s the best my knee has ever felt right now,” Buddle told on Wednesday. “I did a series of shots and it feels pretty good. It’s the best that I’ve ever felt today and I’m really happy about that.”

Buddle told LA Galaxy Insider on Wednesday that while he has not undergone a full training session with the team, he expects to train fully with the club at the end of the week. As far as returning to the field, however, Buddle is optimistic that he’ll be able to take the field on August 7th during a reserve league match against Chivas USA.

“I’m looking to play in the reserve match against Chivas,” said Buddle “We’re going to start there and then work our way up to more minutes.”

31 July 6:36 pm

LOS ANGELES— A pair of Arizona Diamondbacks got a chance to take in a Real Madrid training session on Monday and test the baseball skill of the Spanish giants.

Diamondbacks players’ catcher Miguel Montero and outfielder Gerardo Parra observed Real Madrid’s training session on Monday prior to their game against the Los Angeles Dodgers. After taking photos, both players played a game of baseball with several members of Los Blancos.

For the two natives of Venezuela, the chance to see the Spanish giants was an exciting experience.

Quotes from Montero below…

MONTERO: “It was great, I grew up watching a lot of soccer and I was checking the website and the schedule because I know that every year, they do a US tour so it worked out pretty good. I saw that they were going to come [to Los Angeles] the same time that we do and I talked to our PR guy to see if we could go see them and [Monday] it was a great experience.”

(On what he and Parra did during the Madrid training session…)

MONTERO: “We got to meet the guys, take a couple of pictures and they played around with a baseball bat, a glove and a baseball. It was great just to be there and shake their hands.”

(On the Real Madrid player with the best baseball skill...)

MONTERO: “Xabi Alonso. He was pretty good man, he impressed me. We talked and he said that he had been in a baseball game one time and after that, he got to hit a bit then he went to find a batting cage. He went there and he took some extra swings and it looked like he did. I didn’t get him a deal, but he’s pretty good.”

(On the player that he was most excited to see…)

MONTERO: “Iker Casillas. My family is from Spain, my dad and mom were born and raised in Spain so I always followed soccer. I played a little bit, but I was born in Venezuela and the national time is baseball, but I always kept watching. I always watch the World Cup, Euro Cup and growing up; I watched Real Madrid and Barcelona.”

31 July 5:35 pm

LOS ANGELES --The members of the LA Galaxy are excited to face Spanish giants Real Madrid this Thursday at The Home Depot Center and according to Madrid's star defender Pepe, the excitement goes both ways. 

Thursday's match will be the third consecutive year that Los Blancos have faced the Galaxy in Southern California and according to the Portuguese International, the Spanish giants are increasingly impressed with the rising level of MLS. During Tuesday's press conference on the campus of UCLA, Pepe told reporters that he is excited about the chance to face the Galaxy. 

Pepe's quotes below...

PEPE: “It’s the third year that I’ve come here [for preseason] to the United States and the truth is that every year that goes by, the players here have more quality and are much more competitive.  Soccer is a universal sport and with certainty, this [match against the Galaxy] will be a difficult game for us."

(On an apparent injury to Xabi Alonso in a Tuesday morning training session...)

PEPE:  “It is normal that these things happen in a training session. There has been a test and he is already with the doctor, but I believe he will be in the afternoon session."

31 July 2:49 pm

Chad Barrett’s move to Norway is official.

Barrett’s loan to Norwegian club Vålerenga has been finalized and according to the 27-year-old forward --who says his contract with MLS ends after this season -- the deal comes with an option to buy. Barrett departs for Oslo on Wednesday morning, but spent Tuesday morning training with his LA Galaxy teammates for one final time.  Following training on Tuesday, Barrett spoke to the local media about his move to Norway and his future with his new club.

Below are Barrett’s quotes…

(On how did the move come about…)

BARRETT: “It’s one of those things, one of those reasons that you don’t want to use. But I love the guys in this team, even when I was away on my trial, I missed playing with them. At the same time, it was something that I needed to do for me personally. The guys were on fire here and we’re really deep at forward. I was approached by my agent, who said there was interest overseas and it was a team that I almost went with when I was with Toronto. The coach was still there and asked if I’d be interested, he said yes. Bruce was nice enough to let me go so I went on trial there. I loved it; it was a different kind of good, in every aspect. I lose the beach, I get the culture. I lose the team; I get a new set of good guys. The best thing is that they all speak English over there so it’s not too bad.”

(On what he wants to accomplish there…)

BARRETT: “I think that every American-born soccer player always wonders if they have what it takes to play overseas and play in other leagues. If anything else, it’ll be good for me to go on this loan and see how other countries play. We know what they play like when they come here and play against us in the World Football Challenge, but how does their league stack up to our league. From what I’ve seen in the Norwegian league is that it’s not too dissimilar. Technically, they’re all very technically good. Athletically, I think that we’re a little more athletic over here. That’s where we have to make up for our technically ability, but there are a bunch of great players and I’m really looking forward to the opportunity.”

(On whether his contract ending at years-end being a reason to head to Norway…)

BARRETT: “It could be. Without all the pay raises for next year and obviously, I didn’t produce as well as I should of, so there are a lot of factors that go into it.  Ultimately, this is probably what is best for me at this particular juncture. Like I said, I hate bringing politics into this locker [room], but that’s why we have agents and sometimes you got to do it.”

(On his impression of Norway…)

“It was the first time that I had been, it was a beautiful city. It’s in Oslo, there’s an old Oslo and a new Oslo.  The training grounds are in old Oslo and the stadium is in new Oslo…it has the old beauty and culture and the new modern stuff around it so it’s cool to see the mixture. The cobblestone streets and amazing parks with the great statues so I did a bit of that and then a bit of shopping, I’m not going to do that again."

(On the reception from the Norwegian players reception…)

BARRETT: “Right from when I got there, they were really welcoming. It’s a really close-knit group of guys; most of them are Norwegian so they got good chemistry with each other. But I know that [Portland Timbers goalkeeper Troy] Perkins played over there so when we were going up to Portland, I was going to talk to him then and pick his brain. But he contacted my agent when I was over there and told me to say hello to the guys for him. I talked to Pat Noonan; he played in Norway for six months as well. He was just giving me the lowdown about what to expect. When the sun is out, the sun is out and when it’s dark, it’s dark so it’s going to be an interesting and eye-opening experience. But I moved every three years of my life so I’m used to it and I take it as a new adventure and I look forward to it."

(On what the club wants to see from him…)

BARRETT: “Goals. Put the ball in the back of the net. They’re pretty upbeat about me coming up there so as soon as I get there, I’m sure that it’ll take me one or two weeks to get my sleep schedule right and the jet lag gone. Once that is gone, I’m looking forward to getting down to business and try to help them finish in the top three."

(On the team’s playing style…)

BARRETT: “I don’t know yet. I’ve seen some highlights of their games, but I haven’t watched a full game yet. I was there for a week where they had a good amount of training because that’s what they wanted to see so I wasn’t able to see their games. They play a game on Friday that I’m maybe dressing for or maybe not. It’s going to be pretty tough; it’s pretty close to when I land."

(On the team’s performance…)

BARRETT: They’re in fifth place, five points out of third. It’s a sixteen team league and the top three go to Europa so that's the goal."

(On how close he was to joining the club earlier…)

BARRETT: “It was almost a coin toss. I just wasn’t mature enough to go overseas and live on my own and accept the four year deal there. It was too much at the time plus I still wanted to take classes [at UCLA]. It was 50/50 for awhile there, and then Toronto won me over while I was there.”

(On missing this team…)

BARRETT: “These guys are like my family. Every team that you get on, you build a brotherhood with these guys. I think a bunch of them are going to help me move today. I wanted to spend one last day with them and it was great to be able to practice with them and knock the ball around one last time. I wish them all the best; I know that they’re going to win it again this year especially with the way that they’ve been playing. There’s no team that can stand in their way. There are good teams on paper, but with the trio playing the way that they’re playing and everyone else stepping up…I’m excited for the way that they’re heading. I wish that I could stay and help them do it again, but I’m sure that they can do it without me.”

(On what he takes from his time with the Galaxy…)

BARRETT: “Winning that trophy. You know, this was the first team that I’ve been on since college where there was just a winning attitude in every game. Every time that we approached the game, every field that we stepped on, it didn’t matter who it was, it didn’t matter if we played Real Madrid—we thought we could win. I’m going to try and take that with me and apply it to any team that I’m on from now on. It was just a good experience, playing with the class players like Beckham, Donovan and Keane. What they bring to the game and the IQ that they have and the class that they show, day in and day out makes you better as a player. Then all the guys, up and coming, I’m really excited to see what happens with their careers. Guys like Juninho, Jose Villarreal, Hector Jimenez; they’ve all really impressed me since last year. Then as soon as Omar Gonzalez gets back from his knee injury, I know that he’ll move on to bigger and better things. I could go down the list and say how I’m going to miss each guy, but I’ll just say collectively that they’re a group of guys and heading in the right direction and I’m going to miss them."

(On where he envisions himself in nine months…)

BARRETT: “It’s going to be a crazy five months. Everything is going to happen quickly, this has happened very quickly. It is part of our profession, it’s something that you have to do, you have to pick up and move. I was joking with everybody that I wish I had a wife right now to pack up the kitchen or something  because I’m doing everything myself right now. It’s just part of the game, and it’s an unfortunate part of the game because you never want to leave, but in this case, I had to.” 

31 July 9:51 am

The LA Galaxy were honored at Dodger Stadium on Monday night during the Los Angeles Dodgers game against the Arizona Diamondbacks.       

Galaxy players Bryan Gaul, Juninho, David Junior Lopes, Kenney Walker, Sean Franklin, Marcelo Sarvas AJ DeLaGarza, Bryan Jordan, Hector Jimenez, Dan Keat, Rafael Garcia and assistant coach Dave Sarachan all took part, throwing out the first pitch before the Dodgers 7-2 loss to the Diamondbacks.

Below are quotes from DeLaGarza on the event...

(On the experience of throwing out the first pitch…)

DELAGARZA: “It was a great experience, it kind of felt like we were getting ready for a game actually with the anthem and all that. It was a great atmosphere; everyone threw a good pitch except for me.”

(On his pitch, which was the only one to bounce in front of the catcher…)

DELAGARZA (says jokingly): “They were set up all wrong so when I threw it. I didn’t want to hit anybody so I got scared so I threw it to the ground.”

(On his juggling with the baseball seen above…)

DELAGARZA: “That’s two touch, I do it every day before practice, but it’s a little bit harder with a baseball. It was fun for everyone out there to interact with guys like Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier and those guys that we see on TV every day.”

(On his own baseball career as a child…)

DELAGARZA: “I played T-ball growing up for like three years, maybe. If you’re even allowed to play for that long, but I was actually a pretty good t-ball player, but I lost my touch.”

(On his favorite baseball team…)

DELAGARZA: “My favorite team growing up was the Orioles and then in college, it was the Nationals, but now I’m a Dodger fan.” 

Below are a few photos from the night:

30 July 2:03 pm

Chad Barrett is Norway bound.

A Galaxy spokesman confirmed to LA Galaxy Insider on Monday that Barrett will join Norwegian club Vålerenga on loan.  Word of the loan was first reported by Yanks Abroad's Brian Sciaretta on Twitter.
Barrett made 18 appearances for the LA Galaxy this season, tallying one goal and three assists for the club. The 27-year-old striker made his final appearance for the Galaxy last Tuesday with a brief stint during LA’s friendly with Tottenham Hotspur. 
The 27-year-old forward departs after nine-year stint in MLS with stops at the Chicago Fire, Toronto FC and the Galaxy. 
30 July 11:27 am

There's still one more day left in July, but let's look back at what was a month to remember for the LA Galaxy's three Designated Players.

The play of David Beckham, Landon Donovan and Robbie Keane was to spur the Galaxy to their current five game unbeaten streak -- six if you factor in a 1-1 draw in a friendly with Tottenham Hotspur -- and an overall record of 4-1-1 in league play during the month of July. With that record, the Galaxy currently sit in the fifth and final playoff spot in the Western Conference on 33 points and are just a single point behind third place Seattle Sounders and fourth place Vancouver Whitecaps. The Galaxy take on Seattle on Sunday and could catapult over the Sounders with a victory at CenturyLink Field. 

For a closer look at how important the three DP's were during the month of July look at the numbers:

Beckham:  Three goals and four assists in three games played. 

Donovan:  Three goals and three assists in five games played.

Keane: Five goals and Four assists in six games played. 

That's a total of 11 goals and 11 assists for the Galaxy's star-studded trio during the month of July. By comparison, the rest of the Galaxy squad accounted for three goals and seven assists on the whole in the month of July. Meaning that 68% -- 68.75% to be exact -- of total points came from Beckham, Donovan or Keane. 

30 July 8:54 am

Before we turn the page to Thursday's friendly against Real Madrid, a few more notes and links on the Galaxy's 1-0 victory over FC Dallas.

* With the sellout of 22,565 at FC Dallas Stadium, the LA Galaxy have now sold out all 14 road matches this season including matches in CONCACAF Champions League play against Toronto FC and the US Open Cup vs. Carolina Railhawks. 

* Josh Saunders earned his fourth shutout of the season against FC Dallas. 

*David Junior Lopes was not shown a yellow card against FC Dallas, meaning that if he is not booked in his next game, he will have one yellow card cleared from his record. However, if he shown a yellow card then he will be suspended. 

Check out the "First XI" stories on the game  and the "Three Points" to the victory. 

Below is the postgame interview with goal scorer Mike Magee.

29 July 1:41 pm

The LA Galaxy have landed in Southern California after extending their unbeaten streak to five games with a 1-0 road victory over FC Dallas on Saturday. 

Above is a sign that greeted the team upon landing earlier this afternoon. 

For more on the Saturday's victory, check out my "Three Points" to the win as well as my sidebar on the forward combination of Mike Magee and Robbie Keane