04 June 8:29 am

Walk around StubHub Center on a game day and you'll see tons of Landon Donovan, Robbie Keane and Omar Gonzalez jerseys, and it's no surprise that their popularity is translating nationally. 

On Wednesday, MLS announced their top 15 best-selling jerseys of 2014 and the LA Galaxy's Designated Player trio were among the most popular. Landon Donovan was the highest ranked Galaxy player at No. 2, Robbie Keane checked in at No. 6 while Omar Gonzalez's kit is the eighth best selling jersey of 2014 so far. Seattle Sounders FC forward and U.S. National Team forward Clint Dempsey topped the MLS best-seller list. 

The rankings are based on sales of adidas MLS jerseys on and since the outset of the 2014 MLS regular season. 

The complete list can be found here

03 June 4:02 pm

In this interesting Vine illustration, check out this representation of Landon Donovan's World Cup goal against Algeria. 

Watch it below.

03 June 3:35 pm

If the LA Galaxy get by Arizona United SC on June 18, they could play one of a pair of old foes in the fifth round of the U.S. Open Cup.

If LA get past Arizona on June 18, they'll take on the winner of the June 14 match between Chivas USA and the Carolina RailHawks. If Chivas win, the Galaxy will host the Rojiblancos on June 24, but if Carolina wins, LA will travel there for a third straight year. The Galaxy have been eliminated by Carolina in the last two years. 

02 June 3:10 pm

BRIDGEVIEW, Ill. — After a month of injury recovery, Marcelo Sarvas made his return to the field during Sunday’s 1-1 draw with the Chicago Fire.

Sarvas entered the match in the waning moments of the draw, but did not appear hampered by the left MCL injury that has caused him to miss a month of action. Although the 32-year-old Brazilian midfielder was unable to help the Galaxy find the winning goal on Sunday, he was pleased with returning to the field.  

“I feel great,” Sarvas said after the match. “You have to be ready whenever the coach calls you. I played about eight minutes in a slow game where both teams were holding to keep a point, but it’s good to be back and have this feeling [of playing] again.”

Sarvas insists that he will not have to prove himself to head coach Bruce Arena in training this week, instead stating that it will be up to the Galaxy boss on whether or not he'll start on Sunday.

“I don’t have to show anything,” said Sarvas. “It’s not my decision [whether I'll start], it’s the coaches. I just need to train normal and always be ready if I’m called.” 

02 June 3:01 pm

BRIDGEVIEW, Ill. - A combination of heat, a negative reaction to medicine and two soccer balls to the head proved too much for Dan Gargan on Sunday.

Gargan was forced to exit the match late in the first half after dealing with a sinus illness that was exacerbated by taking two clearances in the face during the early stages of the Galaxy’s 1-1 draw with the Chicago Fire.

Following the match, Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena told reporters that heat issues were the reason Gargan was substituted and afterward, the veteran defender elaborated.

“I wasn’t feeling great, I’ve been dealing with some sinus issues and congestion then Leonardo cleared the balls in my head, I couldn’t get my equilibrium right. I’ve cooled down now, but I just don’t feel 100 percent at the moment. I just wasn’t feel like myself.”  

But Gargan does not expect the issue to arise again for the Galaxy’s next match on Sunday against Chivas USA.

“I would think so,” he said. 

01 June 9:46 pm

On a day in which the U.S. National Team defeated Turkey 2-1 -- where Omar Gonzalez was an unused substitute -- a group of U.S. legends defeated a group of former Mexico stars by the same score line at StubHub Center on Sunday.

Mexico went up early after Benjamin Galindo beat former Galaxy goalkeeper coach Ian Feuer after a pass from long time Mexican international Ramon Morales. However, the United States fought back as Galaxy Technical Director Jovan Kirovski found the back of the net in the 71st minute. But the finest strike of the evening -- and the game winner -- belonged to Razov who launched a shot from distance that proved too much for Mexico goalkeeper Felix Fernandez.

Joining Kirovski and Razov in the Galaxy contingent were club president Chris Klein, Academy Director Pete Vagenas and former players Paul Caligiuri, Danny Califf, and Brian Ching

01 June 9:28 pm

BRIDGEVIEW, Ill. -- Anyone took a gander at the LA Galaxy's 1-1 draw with the Chicago Fire on Sunday at Toyota Park could see the frustration and exhaustion on the faces of players from both sides. 

Throughout the match players seemed tenative to make their usual attacking runs as the humidity appeared to dissuade members of both teams to press forward. With the humidity proving overwhelming, the game turned into a slog -- one that forced Dan Gargan to exit with heat exhaustion -- and ultimately ended in a 1-1 draw. 

After the match, I spoke to Galaxy captain Robbie Keane about the conditions and it's impact on the game, and did not mince words. 

“I don’t know who makes these f*****g stupid decisions. Play a f*****g game at three o’clock in the afternoon," Keane said. "Who wants to watch that crap?  Do you?  I don’t want to watch that crap.  These people who haven’t got a clue about soccer make these decisions when we play a game. Why not play at eight o’clock? It wasn’t on national television. 

"It’s so stupid.  They need to look at these games and use their head and be clever.  No player wants to play in that humidity. Everyone was affected by the heat. Why would you want to play at three o’clock in the afternoon?" he added. "On the hottest day of the year so far here in Chicago, knowing it is going to be that hot. And you can’t blame the Kings-Hawks game because you didn’t know that was going to happen until two days ago. This is absolutely ridiculous. We have to stop. We have to listen to the players instead of listening to people who have never kicked a soccer ball in their whole life.”

01 June 8:00 pm

BRIDGEVIEW, Ill. --  LA Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena spoke to the media following the Galaxy's 1-1 tie with the Chicago Fire. 

Check it out below...

(On the match...)


“Awful game today.  I can’t tell you how many times we’ve told the league when it’s this hot and humid in Chicago in June, we don’t want to play afternoon games.  This is not fair for the players.  It’s difficult.  It’s not fair for the fans.  We shouldn’t be playing this game at this time.  Difficult, difficult game for the players to deal with.”


(On players suffering from the heat...)


ARENA: “Difficult conditions. You can’t play these games this early in the afternoon.”


(On Robbie Rogers play...)


ARENA: “Rogers played very well.  He did a good job for us.”


(On Landon Donovan’s goal...)


ARENA: “Not his best day but he got a goal and he hung in there for 90 minutes so that was good.  It was a lousy game today.  There’s no other way to put it.  I think Chicago played a little bit better than us, but the conditions were difficult for both teams and it made for a not-good game.”


(On the penalty kick against LA...)


ARENA: “If a referee doesn’t see it, he shouldn’t call it.  If he thinks he saw it, then fair enough.  It may have been a foul but it was probably outside the penalty area.  I don’t know how they do that without discussing it between the linesman and the referee.  And if they did then they got it wrong.”


(On getting a point on the road...)


ARENA: “[Happy] we got the point.  We’ll take the point and get out of Chicago.”

01 June 5:52 pm

LA Galaxy II roared back after their defeat to PSA Elite by defeating Seattle Sounders FC Reserves on Sunday. 

Chandler Hoffman scored the lone goal as Los Dos improved to 7-2-3 during the USL PRO season. Hoffman's goal came in the 76th minute when he smashed an Alexandar Djokovic cross into the back of the net for the only tally of the evening. 

Galaxy II return to action on Sunday against the Dayton Dutch Lions which will be a double-header between the Galaxy match against Chivas USA.

01 June 10:03 am

CHICAGO – A year and one week ago on May 25, 2012, the Chicago Fire and the LA Galaxy made a trade that rocked MLS to its core.

By trading fan favorite Mike Magee to his hometown Fire for the rights of Robbie Rogers, the Galaxy were able to bring Rogers back home where he looked to start over after coming out as gay months earlier. The trade made soccer sense as it gave Chicago a proven striker while the Galaxy were able to acquire the type of wide presence that Bruce Arena has long coveted.

However, a year later, the trade has not worked out for the Galaxy as Magee won MLS MVP as he nearly led the Fire to the playoffs while Rogers has suffered horrid luck with repeated injuries.

In an interview with Rogers, I ask the player about his injury, the trade and the chilly reception that he still receives from Galaxy fans.

Check it out below.

(On his injury recovery…)

ROGERS: “Yeah I feel good, I’m just waiting for chances to play. We played well the past few games and gained some good results, so I wish we could do the same in Chicago. Going to be a tough game…maybe they will let me play, or won’t let me play, but I will be ready for the open cup games.”

(On whether he needs to be playing more with Galaxy II…)

ROGERS: I’ve been playing outside back and he has said to me that I will probably play in the next few games, so I’m guessing I won’t be playing until next few games. We’ll go from there. I haven’t spoken too much, but I’ve been training well and the team has been playing well, so nothing to complain about.

(On Mike Magee…)

ROGERS: The only thing we are thinking about is getting a win. Like I said we’ve played well the past few games, we get to go on the road and hopefully get a result and championship team needs to win games in a row, so that’s the next step for us.”

(On whether the heckling will end…)

ROGERS: “Who knows if it will or it won’t. Whatever the area in your life, there is always going to be people that will support one way or the other…I know Mike is extremely happy in Chicago, I am extremely happy here and that’s it”

(On whether the heckling from the Galaxy fans will end…)

ROGERS: “You are going to have critics and people that support you. I am fine with it really. It’s just more motivating. Even if I do have a great season, I’m sure there will be people that would be negative towards you. So, I’m fine with it. If the team is winning, the team is winning. At the end of the season, we’ll see.”

(On whether criticisms fuel him…)

ROGERS: “Yeah definitely. That’s why I work hard during the off season. All of us, that’s why we do stuff—it’s to prove people wrong. Landon, I’m sure that’s one of the reasons he scored two goals this weekend. It’s a life of a professional. It’s a life of a human to prove it to people”