24 October 10:47 pm

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador – LA Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena’s thoughts following LA’s 4-0 defeat to Isidro Metapán.

(On the loss…)

ARENA: “It was a poor performance on our part. A lot of our young players learned in a tough way tonight. They weren’t ready to play and too many didn’t respond well to the magnitude of the game. Unfortunately, we got beat pretty good. Our effort in the second half was a little bit better, but not a whole lot better.”

(On whether it was better to learn in these conditions rather than in more serious situation…)

ARENA: “Obviously, it makes for a great matchup next year with Tijuana. It’ll be a lot of fun. That’s a great match up for us. I’m excited for that, but I’m certainly disappointed in our performance tonight.”

(On the lesson that his team must learn from the result…)

ARENA: “These young players, [they need to learn] the mental preparation of stepping on the field and being ready to play. We opened the game with an opportunity from Jose Villarreal in the opening minute of the game and then concede the first goal, and then they put their heads down and got beat soundly. Mental preparation for a lot of the players was an important lesson tonight.”

(On the lack of offensive rhythm from LA…)

ARENA: “The field wasn’t easy, but having said that our opponents scored four goals and you can’t attribute that to the field. A bunch of players didn’t play well. We had a great chance to start the game and it could have made all the difference in the world. Having said that, we need to concede the fact that we were beaten for 90 minutes. This wasn’t a game that was close in the first half; we were getting beat to too many balls. But on the whole, I thought that Leonardo played very well for us, I was very encouraged by his play. I think that he was our best performer over the 90 minutes and Jose Villarreal did a decent job. Others didn’t play well.”

(On Nicolas Munoz’s success…)

ARENA: “The first goal, I can’t even explain what happened there. … in the second goal there was a mistake by Tommy [Meyer] and we were punished for that.”

(On facing Tijuana…)

ARENA: “It’s a great matchup. That’s exciting for our team next March. That’ll be great for our fans and the Tijuana fans.”  

(On turning the page against Seattle…)

ARENA: “It’ll be a great game in Seattle. We’re hoping that our team will come out ready to play.” 

24 October 10:46 pm

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador – The LA Galaxy’s youth has served them well throughout their CONCACAF Champions League campaign, but it was exposed as they fell 4-0 to Isidro Metapan in their Group 8 finale at Estadio Cuscatlán.

Nicolas Munoz tallied four goals in the first half to seal the victory for the Salvadorian side, who were in control throughout the match. Struggling in the attack from the start, the Galaxy’s best opportunities came from Jose Villarreal who was unlucky not to find the back of the net in the first minute and then saw a header saved by Metapán goalkeeper Fidel Mondragon in the 75th minute.

The defeat sets up a match against Liga MX side Club Tijuana in the CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinals. LA will be seeded sixth for the CCL quarterfinals which resume in March.


Thoughts on the defeat? Happy about the match against Club Tijuana?

Share your thoughts below.  


24 October 3:31 pm

In a touching and moving edition of the LA Galaxy travel vlog in El Salvador, I travel with Mauricio Cienfuegos to his old neighborhood. 

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24 October 12:54 pm

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador – Isidro Metapán may be playing for purely pride, but the LA Galaxy expect that to be a very dangerous thing when the two teams face off on Thursday at the Estadio Cuscatlán.

The tournament has hardly gone according to plan for the Salvadorians, who have earned just a single point in three CONCACAF Champions League matches. The fact that the team is unable to play at their home stadium in Metapán due to field size concerns from CONCACAF has not helped as the team dropped their last match in San Salvador 4-2 to C.S. Cartaginés.  

That being said, the Galaxy expect Metapán to be eager to send the Galaxy to the CCL quarterfinals on a losing note.   

“We don’t expect them to roll over at all; you're always playing for pride especially when you're in front of your home crowd in your home country against big clubs like the Galaxy. We expect them to test us,” said goalkeeper Brian Rowe. “They did well with their counter attack last time, but we're going to try to do a better job of keeping compact in the back and applying pressure on them early.”

Metapán’s pride won’t be the only issue for LA as they'll have to deal with a thick grass surface at Estadio Cuscatlán that is a far cry from the heavily manicured pitches that are provided in MLS play.

“The grass is a lot thicker than what we're used to. It’s a big and old stadium, but it'll be exciting with fans inside,” said forward Jack McBean. “We just have to play firm balls and get your touch in front of you because the ball is going to check up on you and stick in the grass.

24 October 10:32 am

In the latest edition of the LA Galaxy travel vlog, I help preview Thursday's match against Isidro Metapan.

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24 October 8:38 am

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador. Heading into the final two CONCACAF Champions League matches, I've broken down all the scenarios for the LA Galaxy's potential opponents in the 2013-14 CONCACAF Champions League Quarterfinals. 

Unless the Galaxy can defeat Isidro Metpan by a margin of six or more goals, the Houston Dynamo's match in Panama against Arabe Unido will play a direct impact on LA's next opponent. 

Check out all the scenarios below...

Win by six goals over Isidro Metapan:

No. 1 LA Galaxy face No. 8 San Jose Earthquakes in CONCACAF Champions League Quarterfinals.  

Win by a margin between three to five goals and the Houston Dynamo draws Arabe Unido:

No. 2 LA Galaxy face No. 7 Houston Dynamo.

Win by a margin between three to five goals and the Houston Dynamo or Arabe Unido win:

No. 2. LA Galaxy face No. 7 Sporting Kansas City. 

Win by a margin between one to two goals and the Houston Dynamo draws Arabe Unido:

No. 3  LA Galaxy face No. 6 Sporting Kansas City.

Win by a margin between one and two goals and the Houston Dynamo or Arabe Unido win by less than five goals:

No. 3 LA Galaxy face No. 6 Alajuelense. 

Tie vs. Isidro Metapan and the Houston Dynamo draws Arabe Unido:

No. 4 LA Galaxy face No. 5 Alajuelense.

Tie and the Houston Dynamo or Arabe Unido wins their match by less than two goals:

No. 4 LA Galaxy face No. 5 Houston Dynamo/Arabe Unido. 

Tie and the Houston Dynamo wins by more than three or more goals over Arabe Unido win by more than three goals: 

No. 4 Houston Dynamo/Arabe Unido face No. 5 LA Galaxy.

Lose vs. Isidro Metapan by less than three and the Houston Dynamo draws Arabe Unido: 

No. 4 LA Galaxy face No. 5 Alajuelense.

Lose by more than three and the Houston Dynamo draws Arabe Unido:

No. 4 Alajuelense face No. 5 LA Galaxy.

Lose by less than three and the Houston Dynamo or Arabe Unido win by less than two goals:

No. 4 Houston Dynamo face No. 5 LA Galaxy OR No. 4 LA Galaxy vs. No. 5 Arabe Unido.

Lose by three or more and the Houston Dynamo or Arabe Unido win by a margin of three to five goals:

No. 3 Club Tijuana face No. 6 LA Galaxy.

Lose by three or more and the Houston Dynamo or Arabe Unido win by a margin of five or more goals:

No. 3 Houston Dynamo face No. 6 LA Galaxy OR No. 3 Club Tijuana face No. 6 LA Galaxy. 


Based on this match and LA's status as a favorite, Alajuelense seems to be the most likely opponent -- if there is a result in Panama City -- for the LA Galaxy.  

What do you think?


23 October 6:14 pm

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador – Suspended for the LA Galaxy’s MLS Regular Season finale against Seattle Sounders FC, Brazilian midfielder Juninho is expected to log plenty of minutes in Thursday’s CONCACAF Champions League match against Isidro Metapán.

Juninho picked up his fifth yellow card in the closing stages of Sunday’s scoreless draw with the San Jose Earthquakes, which ruled him out for the Seattle trip, but with the 2013 MLS Cup Playoffs looming, the midfielder believes it’s imperative for him to stay sharp by featuring in El Salvador.  

“I know that I need to keep my fitness in good shape so I’m going to play significant minutes tomorrow and I hope that we can get points here and get 12 points in total,” Juninho told at the team’s training session at the Estadio Cuscatlán on Wednesday. “I hope that I can pass my experience onto the guys on the field and make them comfortable. We’re going to try hard to get three points.”

LA will try to get those points at the cavernous Estadio Cuscatlán where the shaggy field conditions may be an issue. A far cry from the well groomed pitches in MLS, Cuscatlán’s thick grass surface is likely to play a role in Thursday’s contest.

Although this may have been an issue for other players, Juninho believes that he can equip himself well to the conditions.  

“It’s very familiar to me because in Brazil where I grew up, we have a couple stadiums like this where the grass is very long like it is here,” said Juninho. “It’s a little difficult compared to the American stadiums, but we’ll need to do our best and not focus on those issues.” 

22 October 10:15 pm

CARSON, Calif. – The LA Galaxy have a hefty portion on their plate this week as they close out the CONCACAF Champions League against Isidro Metapán in El Salvador before changing gears three days later to take on Seattle Sounders FC in their MLS regular season finale. 

The two game slate promises to be a challenging one that will cause the Galaxy to utilize their entire squad and LA head coach Bruce Arena takes full responsibility for their congested schedule.  Arena noted following the Galaxy’s final training session before departing for El Salvador that he was aware of the busy schedule last December, but the club and MLS were unable to work with CONCACAF to prevent MLS teams from playing in the final week.   

“I think that the whole exercise of us playing this week is stupid. I take the majority of the blame for that. I should not have allowed this to happen. It is poor communication and procedure on a part of the LA Galaxy, CONCACAF and MLS. This shouldn’t have happened at this time. There are teams in our group that are finished and there aren’t any other leagues that are in their last week. We should have been the league not playing this week.


Thoughts on Arena's comments?

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22 October 1:41 pm

CARSON, Calif. – It’s a travel day for the LA Galaxy as they’ll head to El Salvador in preparation for Thursday’s match against Isidro Metapán.

A year ago, the Galaxy traveled commercially to El Salvador ahead of their clash with Isidro Metapán, but with the team facing a pair of vital matches this week, LA will once again travel to Central America via charter.

“We’ll be chartering so it takes two and a half hours off the trip,” said midfielder Michael Stephens. “Also, it helps us so we can leave immediately following the game in El Salvador and focus right away on Seattle.”  

22 October 1:29 pm

CARSON, Calif. -- In the latest edition of Herbalife's "Be a Pro" series, Marcelo Sarvas is profiled.

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