Storify: Fans express thanks and well wishes to former Galaxy midfielder David Beckham

Beckham signs five-month deal with French side PSG, will donate salary to children's charity

Fans express thanks and well wishes to former Galaxy midfielder David Beckham

After nearly signing with Paris St. Germain a year ago before opting to return to the LA Galaxy, former Galaxy midfielder David Beckham has joined the French giants on a five-month deal. During that time, Beckham’s entire salary will be donated to a local children’s charity.

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For more on the story of Beckham's move to PSG, scroll to the bottom of this page. Read below for well wishes and favorite Beckham memories from Galaxy fans.

Any well wishes you'd like to pass on to Beckham? Favorite Beckham memories from his time with @lagalaxy? Tweet us for our @storifyLA Galaxy
Congrats to David for signing w/ Paris St. Germain. Also donating his salary to a children's charity.… DeLaGarza
Becks signs with PSG and donates his salary to a childrens big deal #ClassRafael Garcia
Beckham is one stand up guy. Instead of receiving his salary from PSG, he is giving it to a local children's charity. #respectTommy Ramos
I, for one, will miss #DavidBeckham in @LaGalaxy lineup. Standup guy, no whining, skill & beauty to watch on the pitch Zoradi
@AGMLA @lagalaxy he just earned big respects! Pay ForwardFutmundial
Beckham is a CLASS ACT! We will miss him! Best of luck, Becks!!! #BeckhamInParis @LAGalaxy @psg_inside
Es grande Sir David! I really enjoyed calling @LAGalaxy this yr and watching him go 150%, siempre. #KobeLike y generoso
@LAGalaxy saying goodbyes to all of the galaxy fansPhy
@LAGalaxy We'll miss you #DavidBeckham!!!!!! Thanks for playing for our team too!!!Amanda Hanson
@LAGalaxy @storify giving LA GALAXY 2 straight titles in a row !Jonny1⃣5⃣
@LAGalaxy the Goal from corner! That was EPIC!!!Hassan Shah
@LAGalaxy God bless you David, thanks for all the memories. Best wishes at PSG! يسوع
@LAGalaxy when beckham scored a free kick against Montreal impact!Alex Ayala
@LAGalaxy @storify Merci David!Kevin Avery
@LAGalaxy a man full of class. He's always been more than nice to me in any of our meetings. Always had time for his fans.Josh Guesman
@LAGalaxy his first goal in LaGalaxy's friendly match against #Azkals #Philippines #epicLui Hermoso
@LAGalaxy @Storify Just want to thank him for his time here & doing so much to help the league& the sport in US. Wish him the best in Paris!Alison Rose
@LAGalaxy @Storify I will remember Becks for making everyone around him better, either through inspiration or fierce instruction.Hugo Schwyzer
@LAGalaxy @Storify Thanks David, Due to the 2 title runs with LA, I started playing soccer again at the age of 40.Bradley Smith
@lagalaxy I was a fan of his before he came to LA & I credit him fully for turning me onto the @MLS! Best wishes to him at PSG!CK Chung
@LAGalaxy After he had the dust-up with LARS, he could've taken his ball & went home. Instead, he upped his game, and brought us two rings.Christopher Dwyer
@LAGalaxy @Storify what an admirable man!David never fails to amaze me!I hope that he will never get tired of (cont) silverstone
Was a bit more then the 140 twitter allowance @LAGalaxy @Storify
@LAGalaxy @storify good luck beckham! Hope you can bend it as well in paris as you did for la! Fav memory? 70 yard goal!Ian Hugo
@LAGalaxy Thank you for all you've done David! We were so blessed to have witnessed your talents for 5 years! GOOD LUCK!Justin Davis
@LAGalaxy The feeling you got whenever he stood over a free kick was truly memorable. And it's great that he still keeps MLS and LA in mind.Kevin Lee
@LAGalaxy @Storify doesent get any better than Beckham Donovan KeaneCorey
@LAGalaxy #davidbeckham we will all miss, but to see go to psg is good!owain thomas
TNX @LAGalaxy 4 bring'n my Fav Futbolr 2 my Fav MLS team. #ThankYouBeckham 4 di xciting yrs(07'-12') & good luck in Paris Saint-Germain F.C.C-Los aka SP
@LAGalaxy became Galaxy fan bcoz of Beckham, but just bcoz I will support PSG from today doesnt mean I'll forget the character of GalaxyIjaz
@LAGalaxy @janicezoradi he was a great part of the team.Matthew Ingram
Beckham is gone from @LAGalaxy but I will keep loving LA and start loving PSGJason Gleaves
@LAGalaxy Beckham's move to PSG proves that it's not about money, it never was. Beckham doesnt follow the money, it's the other way aroundIjaz
Thank you DB23 for bringing positive attention to MLS and the @LAGalaxy. You're dedication was truly appreciated and will be missed greatlyKelly Davila
@LAGalaxy @Storify He sparked so much support/interest for the sport here, and winning the MLS Cup twice was awesome! Bonne chance à Paris!Adrienne Qualls
At this moment I think David Beckham is one of the realist people out there. He signed with PSG and is donating his entire salary to a children's charity. I'm feeling deeply inspired because of this #davidbeckhamGeorge Florian
Didn't hear the news until now? Read Galaxy Insider Adam Serrano's blog post below on David Beckham's decision to join PSG and donate his salary to a children's charity.
Beckham signs five-month deal with Paris St. Germain, salary will go to children's charity | LA GalaxyDavid Beckham's newest challenge will take place in Paris, France. After nearly signing with Paris St. Germain a year ago before opting t...
And a few quotes from David Beckham:
"My salary will go towards a local children charity in Paris. I won't receive any. This is something new and very exciting" #BeckhamInParisPSG Officiel
"I will alway be an ambassador for football in America. My commitment will continue." #BeckhamInParisPSG Officiel