Welcome to the new LAGalaxy.com!

Pardon our dust as we re-build our site

Galaxy Supporters,

Welcome to
the new LAGalaxy.com. Do you like?

In preparation for the 2010 MLS Season, we have re-designed our site to make it
easier for you to follow and stay up-to-date on your favorite club in MLS. The
re-launching of our site is part of an initiative by MLS and its clubs, which
are also re-launching their sites and are unveiling the brand-spanking new

So, this is
just the beginning.

Over the
coming days and weeks, we will share with you more of the details regarding the
new widgets and gadgets that will help enhance the way you follow the Galaxy.
For now, we encourage you to give us your feedback and comments as you browse
and enjoy the new LAGalaxy.com.

And, if you
happen you happen to
stumble on anything that's not working quite right, please pardon our mess and
feel free to give us a heads up at socialmedia@lagalaxy.com. We assure you that
we will have everything up and running in tip-top-shape soon.