LA doesn't go only as Buddle goes

Galaxy striker says success is more than his scoring

Edson Buddle

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Edson Buddle didn't score a goal for the first time this
season, in Saturday’s match at Kansas City.

Without Buddle’s firepower, the Galaxy weren't able to score
at all and settled for a scoreless draw.

But is it that simple? If Buddle goes, so does the Galaxy’s

“Not really, I don’t think so,” Buddle said. “It hasn’t been
like that in the past. I don’t think it’s going to be like that this year.
We’re back home and I’m pretty sure someone’s going to score sooner or later.”

Buddle has scored all seven of the Galaxy’s goals this season
and before Saturday those goals were good enough to help the Galaxy claim

But without Buddle firing balls into the back of the net, none
of his teammates was able to pick up the slack. Relying on one player for all
the goals, though, is not a concern; nor is it something that will cause the
team to stress over, insisted Buddle.

“It’s still early,” Buddle said. “We’re glad we’ve gotten off
to the start we’ve gotten to and just want to continue to win games, especially
at home. I don’t think it’s something that we’re pressing this early in the
season. Maybe if it was late, close to the playoffs, you might be pressing a
little bit to make sure things are right, right before the playoffs but right
now we’re in a good state of mind.”

The Galaxy will host the expansion Philadelphia Union on
Saturday. The Philadelphia defense has yielded nine goals in four games, and
they might be without injured star Sébastian Le Toux.

But more than the opponent’s form, Buddle said what matters
more is the Galaxy’s desire to win the game because of the location.

“Bruce [Arena] has stressed all year that he wants to win at
home and wants to have a better home record than last year,” Buddle said. “This
is a home game coming up so we want to capitalize, taking care of our home

One thing that might be in Buddle’s favor is his knowledge of
Philly ‘keeper Chris Seitz. In the offseason, Buddle spent time playing games
locally with other MLS players, Seitz among them. Seitz has struggled and come
under heavy criticism in the early going of the season.

“I haven’t seen him since the offseason,” Buddle said. “He’s
done a lot of good things. When goals are being scored that seems to be
highlighted a little bit more.”

Think about it another way, and Buddle could have been talking
about himself.