Group C scenarios: How can the US advance?

A draw does not necessarily eliminate Bob Bradley's team

With the shocking draw between England and Algeria, here’s how it all breaks down for the United States going into their third and final group-stage match, next Wednesday against Algeria.

US win: The US advance.

US draw: The US will advance if…
1.  Slovenia beat England
2.  England and Slovenia draw, and England do not make up the difference in goals scored (right now, 2 goals is the difference)

Note: If the US and Algeria tie and England and Slovenia tie, and the goals-scored difference between the US and England is equalized (e.g., Algeria-US ends 1-1, and England-Slovenia ends 3-3), then England and the US will be tied on points, goal differential, goals scored, and goals against. In this case, FIFA will draw lots to decide which team advances.

US loss: The US is out.