The world interviews David Beckham

Five continents and 19 countries participated in an interactive live interview this morning wit


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Earlier today, the World interviewed David Beckham on Five continents and ninteen different countries took part in an interactive live interview with Beckham for over an hour.

Re-watch the interview or read the transcript (as posted on Yahoo's Twitter account) below.


from Korea: Did you see the Korean games-and if so, who was the best

A1 from Beckham: I don't want to single out one
player-the strength of the Korean team is their unity!

Q2 from
Taiwan: You spent time with the troops in Afghanistan-how did that
inspire you?

A2 from Beckham: I've always wanted to, but never
was able to. So inspiring to eat & spend time with those doing so
much for us.

Q3 from HK: Who's the best teammate--and what do
you like about HK?

A3 from Beckham: Played w/ so many
greats--favorite is probably Gary Neville. About HK--I love the people!

form India: What was the most difficult moment in your life & how
did you overcome it?

A4 from Beckham: I'd say the red card
sendoff-really impacted me & my family. Most recently it was my
injury prior to World Cup. It was the support from family, friends &
supporters that helped me through it all.

Q5 from Malaysia:
Will you plan to return to football in a managerial role--and if so with
which team?

A5 from Beckham: I was happy to talk to the players
& help on the bench. I love coaching kids & will always be
involved that way.

Q from Twitter: Will you be in next
Olympics as a player?

A: Really hope to still be playing by then!

from Singapore: Describe your perfect last game as player-location,
team and what happens

A6 from Beckham: In Brazil, playing for
England in 2014, I set one up and score the winning goal in the last

Q7 from Yahoo! Answers winner in Australia: As a high
profile couple, how do you & Victoria juggle everything?

from Beckham: Our kids are our #1 priority, so that is always our focus

What's it like hanging with Snoop?

A8 from Beckham: Snoop is a
great guy and a huge football fan. We've had some great times & love
his new album

Q9 from Indonesia: About your tattoos-what are
your favorite, what's your inspiration & will you get more?

from Beckham: Favorite are my boys' names on my back & wife's name
on my arm--will get moret

Q10 from Indonesia: If not a
football player, what sport would you want to be a professional in?

from Beckham: I'd love to be a basketball player for the LA
Lakers--been a huge fan since we moved to LA

Q11 from
Philippines: What 3 things could you not live without?

A11 from
Beckham: How about 4? Brooklyn, Victoria, Romeo & Cruz (my wife and

Q12 Will you plan to stay in LA?
A12 from
Beckham: It's important for the kids to be settled & we love LA-blue
skies, great weather. We'll be there for a long time.

from Canada: If you did not play football, what would you do

A13 from Beckham: I love doing cartoons and
building Legos. Given those interests, I think an architect makes a lot
of sense.

Q14 from Mexico: How did you meet Victoria &
make her fall in love with you?

A14 from Beckham: Simon Fuller
brought her to a game when she was in the Spice Girls (Posh) & I
knew soon after I wanted to marry her

Q15 from Argentina:
You've been involved in lots of charities. How has that impacted your

A15 from Beckham: We've been fortunate to help a lot of
kids in the UK & have been really involved with UNICEF too

from Brazil: Do you think football will get instant replay?

from Beckham: I know there is a lot of debate & the officials will
take it under consideration and make the best decision.

from Spain: Who was the best player on Spain's team?

A17 from
Beckham: While Sergio Ramos & the whole team played the best
football, I think Casillas deserved the player of the tournament

from Facebook: What was going through your mind that goal in the 93rd
minute vs Greece in 2001?

A18 from Beckham: I still get emotional
& excited thinking about that goal-it shows how much results mean
to people.

Q19 from Germany: How would you describe yourself
in one word & why?

A19: One word: Determined. Something I
instill in my kids and use to guide me personally and professionally.

from Italy: How was it wearing the AC Milan jersey playing against
Manchester United?

A20 from Beckham: Was an amazing opportunity
and to receive the applause and support when I returned was great.

from Italy: Always one of the most stylish men--what is your

A21 from Beckham: Always been into fashion, but my
icon would be Steve McQueen--he could pull off jeans & white

Q21 from France: If you weren't Beckham, who would
you be?

A21 from Beckham: Steve McQueen...or Zidane. Zidane is
the best player in the world.

Q22 from UK: You've had an
amazing career. Do you have any dreams you want to fulfill?

from Beckham: I still feel that I have a career left and would love to
win more and play for my country