Landon Donovan and Steve Nash Jump in a Jacuzzi to Play EA Sports FIFA ‘11

Part 2: Nash surprises Donovan with an invite to play the game in an unusual setting

If you’ve spent any time on the soccer corner of the internet in the
past month you know that FIFA 11 has hit shelves worldwide.

To help the spread the word, EA Sports hired NBA All-Star and
Vancouver Whitecaps part-owner Steve Nash to direct a series of promos
starring American soccer poster boy and Galaxy captain Landon Donovan.

1 of the series began Nash's attempts to play EA SPORTS FIFA Soccer
11 against Donovan and enter the EA SPORTS Pro Player Challenge. The EA
SPORTS Pro Player Challenge is a new competition that will identify
the best FIFA Soccer 11 gamer among professional soccer players.

In Part 2, the MVPs get in a game together in a highly unusual setting.

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