Steve Nash tries to track down Landon Donovan

Part 3: Nash getting frustrated with Landon's lack of response

FIFA 11 has hit shelves worldwide and to help the spread the word, EA Sports hired NBA All-Star and
Vancouver Whitecaps part-owner Steve Nash to direct a series of promos
starring American soccer poster boy and Galaxy captain Landon Donovan.

1 of the series began Nash's attempts to play EA SPORTS FIFA Soccer
11 against Donovan and enter the EA SPORTS Pro Player Challenge. The EA
SPORTS Pro Player Challenge is a new competition that will identify
the best FIFA Soccer 11 gamer among professional soccer players.

In Part 2, the MVPs get in a game together in a highly unusual setting.

In Part 3, Steve Nash tries to track Landon down, but the Galaxy captain seems to be hard to get ahold of.

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