Soccer Community Reaction to 2018/2022 World Cup Host Country Announcement

Fans, players & media members respond to Russia, Qatar selections


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German Alegria

U.S. Soccer fans felt snubbed this morning, to say the least, when FIFA's Executive Committee announced that the hosts of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups would be Russia and Qatar, respectively.  That announcement set off a wave of reaction from both soccer aficionados and media members around the world.  We scoured Twitter to compile a few of our favorite 1-liners:

@alecko11 (Alecko
Eskandarian, former Galaxy/MLS player): Armenia for the 2026 World Cup!!!
Best way to qualify is to host. Genius move Qatar! Going thru 2 yrs worth of
qualifiers is so overrated...

@bommadog (Andy
Williams, RSL): Sitting on my camel, switching sand dunes. Screaming money ain't
a thang lol

@PeterLowry (Peter
Lowry, Portland Timbers): In related news, sunscreen futures spiked 1000% in the
middle east ahead of the decision to hold the 2022 world cup in Qatar.

(Chris Pontius, DC United): and to make things even worse....Quatar is trending.....its Qatar

(Taylor Twellman, former NE Rev/MLS player): Will @ussoccer
travel to Qatar
via #NASA?? How
else do we get to the sun?? #deepthoughtswithtaylor

(Jimmy Conrad, Sporting Kansas City): Sports: Even The People Who Run The BCS
For College Football Can't Explain How The U.S. Failed To Secure The Bid For
The 2022 World Cup.

@geoffcameron (Geoff
Cameron, Houston Dynamo): USA
bid for 2026 should be led by Chuck Norris!

(Landon Donovan, LA Galaxy): I have an idea…we play Qatar in a friendly (they can even
host it), and the winner gets to host the 2022 WC... wait, do they even have a

@KyleMartino (Kyle Martino, former player/soccer analyst):
Ok, here's my idea: we use the Trojan Horse play in our 2026 bid. Only instead
of assassins jumping out we will fill it w Money for Sepp.

@GrantWahl (Grant Wahl, Sports Illustrated): Choosing Qatar
and Russia
is the biggest indictment possible that FIFA is not a clean organization. Petrodollars

@SoccerbyIves (Ives Galercep, Soccer by Ives blog): If USA is
going to bid for 2026 I nominate Nucky Thompson to lead the bid. He speaks
FIFA's language. #WorldCupEmpire

(Santa, unofficially): Sepp Blatter IS ON THE NAUGHTY LIST

@Sportsguy33 (Bill Simmons, Sports Guy colummnist): Qatar needs to
thank its special consultant for the 2022 WC bid: Cam Newton's father.

(Steve Davis, contributor): I can handle no beer for a month. And soaring temps. But the same

@RunnerLuis (Luis Bueno, Galaxy beat
writer): NFL should follow FIFA's lead and
award a Super Bowl to a high school in North Dakota.

@yanksarecoming (independent US
Soccer blog): To clarify, the good news about Russia winning is that Sarah Palin
can watch #worldcup2018 from her house.

@PeterLowry: I
hear Kazakhstan
is in the mix for 2026. It's rumored they have Borat on the bid

@GrantWahl: Well, Russia lost once today. Just turned down a
Russian hooker at posh FIFA ExCo hotel in Zurich.

"I don't know what the motivation & rationale of all voters
was"-Sunil Gulati. Translated="I have no idea what those idiots were

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