Storify: Re-live the Galaxy's White House visit

President Obama welcomed the Galaxy to the White House to commemorate their 2011 championship

LA Galaxy honored by President Obama at the White House

President Barack Obama welcomed the LA Galaxy to the White House on Tuesday afternoon to commemorate their 2011 MLS Cup championship, offering warm praise and a level of friendliness and familiarity that wowed even the most experienced members of the squad.

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All suited up for our White House visit. What a day!Todd Dunivant
On our way to the @whitehouse to meet @barackobama & @michelleobamaBryan Jordan
Headed to the white house with @kylenakazawa #charging #stokedJack McBean
Headed to The White House to meet Obama.Sean Franklin
Waiting for clearance. Very thorough Barrett
Rookies r rookies...even at the White House! @BryanGaul23 @tmeyer20 Barrett
Brazilian trio of @Juninho19LA, @leonardoLA22 & @marcelosarvas looking sharp - thanks Macy's & Calvin Klein! Galaxy
Tweeting from the @whitehouse :PBryan Jordan
After clearing security, the team was taken on behind-a-scenes tour of the White House.
The Legend and I Barrett
Mid-tour, they stopped off for a few iconic photos on the South Lawn.
On the south lawn Cristman
Another from the South Lawn Jordan
Lawn in front of The White House @ The White House Garcia
While we were on the South Lawn, we had the honor of meeting Bo, the First Dog... Galaxy
Lol @SFranklin5 gettin got by @LandonDonovan Jordan
#lagalaxy players @cbarrett19 & @hectorjimenez09 & trainer Armando Rivas in front of the @whitehouse Galaxy
What an amazing experience!!! #Obama @ The White House Garcia
After the South Lawn, the team returned inside to finish up their tour and waited to meet President Obama.
Inside the white house!! DeLaGarza
Great to see the Big Guy Barrett
Waiting for the ceremony to start... @MLS Galaxy
Too bad there's no @LARiotSquad or @acbrigade chants at the White House today...just doesn't feel right without them. ;) @LAGalaxyPZ
Happening now: President Obama honors MLS champion @LAGalaxy at the White House. Watch: White House Sarvas
Watching @LAGalaxy LIVE at the WhiteHouse! #LAGalaxy I'm luvin this!Kelly Louch
Great to see Josh Saunders up there with the rest of @LAGalaxy and President Obama.Ματτ Η∪ƒƒι∩ε
@BarackObama going hard on @LAGalaxy players with jokes, funny guy! Pretty cool for soccer in America.Temryss Lane
Anyone else see the grin on @AJD_20's face when Mr. Obama gave him and @Omar4Gonzalez a shout out? #priceless @LAGalaxyLA Galaxy WUFC
We are honored to be here with @BarackObama and the @LAGalaxy to celebrate soccer. for D.C.
POTUS and LA Galaxy 2011 Champs @ Washington Cristman
Meeting @BarackObama was an honor & I learned he's a pretty funny guy. He was cracking jokes the whole time. #coolpresidentBryan Jordan
Great to see MLS Champs @LAGalaxy at WH today. #Beckham, @landondonovan & team- let's bring home a 4th title this year! T. Sánchez
I want to see @BarackObama wearing a @LAGalaxy jersey!Carlos Chavez
. @BarackObama and the @LAGalaxy address attendees and the kids of #SoccerforSuccess at the White House! Soccer Foundation
That was a pretty awesome once in a life time experience. Even tho we'll be trying our best to come back & do it all over again next year.Bryan Jordan
What a great day! Met the President and toured the White House. Special thanks to all of Obama's staff at the @WhitehouseChad Barrett
If you missed the ceremony, watch it below or read the transcription
Transcription: Remarks by the President honoring the MLS Cup Champion LA Galaxy at the White HouseBelow is a transcription of the remarks by the President honoring the MLS Cup Champion LA Galaxy at the White House THE PRESIDENT: Thank ...
President Obama Honors 2011 MLS Cup Champion LA Galaxywhitehouse caught up with Landon Donovan, David Beckham and A.J. DeLaGarza after meeting President Obama. The Galaxy trio give their reactions to this once-in-a-lifetime experience and David also chuckles at the couple jabs the President took at him.
Galaxy players react to meeting President Obamathelagalaxy
Beyond proud of my @LAGalaxy! Lots of smiling fans today. Looked sharp up there on stage with @BarackObama! Representing @MLS proudly.LA Galaxy WUFC
Yes it's true, I was tearing up sitting at my desk at work watching the @lagalaxy Championship ceremony with the President at the WhitehouseChristina
"You lived up to the hype" #Obama tells #Galaxy #MajorLeagueSoccerChamps Los Angeles
Following the ceremony, Mike Magee, Sean Franklin, David Beckham, Landon Donovan, Todd Dunivant and A.J. DeLaGarza joined First Lady Michelle Obama for a Let's Move event for kids from America SCORES and U.S. Soccer Foundation’s Soccer for Success program. Unfortunately, weather prevented the players from participating in a soccer clinic with the kids, but they were instead treated to a candid Q&A with Galaxy players that touched on an array of topics.
FLOTUS and some select @lagalaxy players Vertelney
#lagalaxy players answering questions from kids. @AJD_20 on his favorite snack: "pineapple"LA Galaxy
Beckham on favorite snack: "When I was little I was told carrots would make me see in the dark... so carrots are my favorite healthy snack."LA Galaxy
(left to right) Mike Magee, Sean Franklin, David Beckham, Landon Donovan, Todd Dunivant and AJ DeLaGarza ans Galaxy
.@sfranklin5 on what made him start playing soccer: World Cup video from his mom.LA Galaxy
.@todddunivant on why he started playing soccer: Because his brother played and he needed to do everything he did, but do it better!LA Galaxy
Quality questions from the kids today! Best one yet, for David Beckham: "What did it take to become the man you are today?"LA Galaxy
If you missed the First Lady's speech and Q&A with the Galaxy players, watch it now:
First Lady Michelle Obama Welcomes Kids to a Let's Move! Event with the LA Galaxywhitehouse
After the experience, talked to A.J. DeLaGarza, Todd Dunivant, Sean Franklin and Mike Magee about meeting the First Lady.
Galaxy Players on meeting First Lady Michelle Obamathelagalaxy
Congratulations to the @LAGalaxy team and staff who are at the White House today!AEG
President Obama honors 2011 MLS Cup-winning GalaxyWASHINGTON - President Barack Obama welcomed the LA Galaxy to the White House on Tuesday afternoon to commemorate their 2011 MLS Cup cham...
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