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Farewell Beckham

Fans leave their well wishes and share memories from David Beckham's time with the LA Galaxy.

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Thank you David beckham for making soccer huge in the US! Good luck to you in the future! #farewellbeckhamMichael Eckert
One day soccer fans in the US will look back at Beckham's arrival in MLS as the turning point in the league. #FarewellBeckham #LAGalaxyDustin Payne
LA Galaxy fans will miss David Beckham. Thank you for all your help these past 6 years #farewellbeckhamIrwin Morozin
Beckham's last game with the Galaxy will be the MLS Cup. I think my heart just broke into 23 pieces... #farewellbeckhamMegan Lemire
David Beckham... So much I could say to you, but mostly I just want to say Thank You. #farewellbeckhamLA Galaxy Fan Probs
#farewellbeckham It's going to be an epic win and he deserves to leave LA with a second cup! @LAGalaxyChelsea Miller
So glad I got to see him play in person this season. Going to miss seeing him in Galaxy kit. #farewellbeckhamJuli Herrera
@LAGalaxyInsider @LAGalaxy #farewellbeckham here is a picture of the 1st time I saw #DavidBeckham at a #LAGalaxy game http://pic.twitter.com/FUbDebxGFigo Gian ^.^
I'm 1 of the new fans that David brought into the fold. I'm forever grateful to him for making me a soccer & Galaxy fan. #farewellbeckham PixieMegh
Beckham made the MLS on what it is today. He's done a bloody good effort. #farewellbeckhamTom Moxey
Sad to see Beckham leave galaxy, legacy absolutely intact though! #MLSCup #farewellbeckhamRoss Carr
What a legend. You put the MLS on the map. Wish I had got to see you play. #farewellbeckhamMatthew Lundy
My heart hurts #farewellbeckhamirma talitha
Legendary player, with an absolute beast of a right foot. I hope this isn't your last club #farewellbeckham #benditlikebeckhamSaim Zahid
One of the best players ever to wear an england shirt and did so well for the galaxy, whoever signs you next is very lucky #farewellbeckhamBen Robertson
So honoured you played 6 seasons for us, and so thankful you inspired my 9-year-old self to play and follow this sport. #farewellbeckhamJessica Liang
You are absolutely brilliant, best of luck! #farewellbeckhamLogan Zimmerman
Great footballers have worn the @galaxy uniform during all these years, but there is only one David Beckham.. Thank you!!! #FarewellBeckhamMario Cesar
#farewellbeckham http://pic.twitter.com/pVDC4SZmkennethpadgett
The only player jersey I have is the @LAGalaxy 23. #farewellbeckhamJeffrey Guerrera
Seriously sad here. I, like many, doubted his intentions when he came here. He proved us wrong &helped out tremendously. #farewellbeckhamAmanda...B!
#FarewellBeckham! You continue to be my all time favorite!Mike Gould
End to a legend. David Beckham will play his last LA Galaxy game at home in MLS Cup 2012 final. #farewellbeckham you are my favorite player!Tommy Learmouth
David Beckham helped change the image of soccer. From the free kick stance, to the passion he had for the game. #farewellbeckhamCharles Escalante
The first, and only, time I saw Becks was 2009 in DC. A 7 hour roadtrip + sitting around a sea of red... he waved at me. #FarewellBeckhamKristian Russell
Thank you for everything, Becks! Sincerely, grateful, yet sad, LA fans. #farewellbeckhamMichelle Walker
David Beckham..you were a great asset to @LAGalaxy thank you for an amazing 6 season! #farewellbeckhamwalter
We will miss you Beckham. #FarewellBeckham thank you for everything you did for @LAGalaxyFrank Ruiz
#farewellbeckham Thank you for your contribution to the development of American soccer. You will be missed.Peter To
Although it was a roller-coaster at times, thanks for your time wearing the LAG kit! Now go out a champion! #FarewellBeckhamRody
#FarewellBeckham I wish somehow, i can bend it like you.Gond
@LAGalaxyInsider #farewellbeckham His first goal for LAG vs DC in the Open Cup. Perkins had no chance and Xavier was ridiculously excited.Dan Segovia
Beckham at Desert Diamond Cup 2012. Got to see him score off his trademarked free kick and meet him. #farewellbeckham http://pic.twitter.com/C5qUvkucJoey Hancock
Davis Beckham 1st game in the United States - Dallas Cup XII (1991) playing for Essex County Schools FA http://pic.twitter.com/SbsSNzdvDr Pepper Dallas Cup
98 season games,18 goals,40 assists and 3 time MLS All Star. One of the best soccer players ever. LA Galaxy will miss you! #farewellbeckhamMarium Rizvi
The first time I ever saw you play was when you scored "The goal that shocked the world" best free kick ever #farewellbeckhamFernanda
the MLS wouldn't be what it is today if it wasn't for Beckham @MLS @lagalaxy #farewellbeckhamRoddy Munro
A man of true class , thank you for helping develop US soccer....#FarewellBeckhamNorm Maldonado
Bummed only got to meet him once, thanks @kknapp1 for picking the right autograph line! #farewellbeckham http://pic.twitter.com/XWFZDBKYLeslie Jennifer
Best of luck on whatever the future holds David. #FarewellBeckham #LAGalaxyThe Football Guy
I remember the first I saw you play @realmadrid vs Chivas at Soldier Field.. That was one of the best memories ever #farewellbeckhamFernanda
Will never ever forget how much you ment to the MLS and my career in football this far! So long, you legend, so long... #farewellbeckhamJan Haugen
My idol at free kicks, the reason I wear #7 with honor!thank you so much! Since Man U. To Madrid to @LAGalaxy #farewellbeckhamFernanda
@LAGalaxyInsider My first galaxy game was to see Beckham, I've been a gslaxy fan ever since. #farewellbeckhamarmando jimenez
Proud of the way he has become part of the heart and soul of the club. It took awhile. I will miss seeing him. #FarewellBeckham #LAGalaxyJosh Guesman
Shout out to the best to ever do it for @LAGalaxy #FarewellBeckhamLuis Armona
He has done so much for the club & for the game in general! Thank you for 6 amazing seasons. #FarewellBeckham @LAGalaxyJoJo C
Also loved the passion he has. You could really tell in the playoffs last year how badly he wanted the cup. #farewellbeckhamJohn Evans
Good Luck to David Beckham who will be leaving the Galaxy after Sunday's #MLSCUP game #farewellbeckham @LAGalaxyRuss Vernon
I'm sad to hear David's last game will be Dec. 1st that man has brought so much joy to my life every @LAGalaxy I attended #farewellbeckhamJoJo C
Sad to see Beckham go, you have done great things for the club and soccer in the usa #greatestsoccerplayer #FarewellBeckham #LaGalay'sAmanda Goheen
Beckham is leaving. He's been great for the league and the sport in America. I'm glad I got to see his first goal for LA #farewellbeckhamJohn Evans
More reason for @LAGalaxy to win on December 1st! #farewellbeckhamLM10
@MLS_Insider @LAGalaxy Thanks for bringing some class to the League , Becks #farewellbeckhamPatrick
Sad to hear David Beckham is leaving, but he was outstanding for the LA Galaxy and the MLS! #farewellbeckhamPeter
Becks has done so much for american soccer. an absolute #legend! #farewellbeckhamBryce Childers
Oh no no no, I want to cry! I knew Beckham would eventually leave but I still feel sad!! #farewellbeckhamAlicia Solis
Beckham has been terrific for #MLS - thankful I'll be at his final game with #LAGalaxy at #MLSCup 12/1 #FarewellBeckhamRahul Vaidyanath
#FarewellBeckham one of the best midfielders to walk on this earth. An idol and a great player.Jonathan Ricci
and as is tradition, when I buy a jersey the player leaves. #farewellbeckham and Congrats on doing the impossible, making me a soccer fan.dcass
Not gonna lie, David Beckham is one of my all time favourite footballers, true legend! He plays his final game on Dec 1st #FarewellBeckhamRyan
David Beckham will play his final game for LA Galaxy on the 1st December. Best wishes, wherever he may go! #farewellbeckham #exredwatchNicolas
@LAGalaxy #farewellbeckham < Was the nicest celeb I have ever met, Good luck Beckham family, wherever you go ! xx from the UKMs_Asitis
Absolute legend of a player! @LAGalaxy will miss him! #farewellbeckhamAndy Drama
Not a @LAGalaxy fan because of Beckham, but a Beckham fan because of the @LAGalaxy !!! Thank you Beckham! #FarewellBeckhamSergio Peña
It has been an honor and privilege to have David Beckham wear an @LAGalaxy jersey, we will miss you Beckham! #FarewellBeckham #MLSCup2012Christopher Ⓜ
#farewellBeckham u were a true team player that brought the best international players to the @MLS can't wait to see the #MLSCup #GalaxyCLo$
Thanks for all the memories in MLS, Becks. Helped take soccer to a new level of publicity in the States. #FarewellBeckhamJoel Hoover
Becks is leaving the @LAGalaxy?! *weeps inconsolably* BUT WHHYYY?! #FarewellBeckhamTiny Mockingbird
#farewellbeckham we will miss youDiego Tobar
As a huge David Beckham fan, I want to personally thank him for his years playing "the beautiful game" #farewellbeckham #7 #23Jefferson
David Beckham is done with the Galaxy. Sad to see him go. He was the first of now many European stars to come to MLS. #farewellbeckhamChris Levang
#farewellbeckham I will miss seeing you in a #LAGalaxy uniform! Go out a (2x) champ and keep that MLS Cup here in LA!Li Anne Read
Thank you for your time in MLS, David Beckham! A great player that will always be looked up to! #farewellbeckhamNavdeep Cattry
Thanks #DavidBeckham for the support in the growth and respect of #football in the #USA! #farewellbeckhamHerceny Del Cid
And now I’m crying. I’m really gonna miss watching David Beckham play in the MLS. He’s the reason I love soccer #farewellbeckham #LAGalaxy Rabid Ravens Fan
The end of an era #farewellbeckhamAndrew Borts
Beckham won't be returning to L.A. Galaxy next year. I was lucky to watch him live once. He is a one-of-a-kind talent #farewellbeckhamWilliam Becke
No lie. The first #MLS team i ever loved was @LAGalaxy .....because of Beckham. #FarewellBeckhamRYAN
You will be missed on the pitch, and this is coming from an NY fan! Ha. #FarewellBeckhamPardeep Cattry
DB's controversial beginnings in MLS are all but forgotten as we say goodbye to a legend and leader in the sport. #farewellbeckhamLuke Ferris
So the Becks in LA era is coming to a close... Thanks for all you have done to raise the profile of the game in the US! #farewellbeckhamDavid Robertson
David Beckham--you are an incredible footballer, an incredible professional, and an incredible person. #FarewellBeckhamPardeep Cattry
No one can deny Beckham's influence on American soccer's rise in popularity. For that, I'll always be grateful to him. #farewellbeckhamChris McGuffin
Jst read David beckham last game wit the Los Angeles galaxy is on the day of the final thanx for da memories #saddayinLA #farewellBeckhamCLo$
@LAGalaxy we 'll support him wherever he will be in the future. #farewellbeckhamKay Lata
#farewellbeckham I wish u the best! U gave the galaxy some pretty good years!!!!! And maybe two mls cups!. <3Luis Anibal Avelar
Such an iconic figure in #MLS.. #FarewellBeckham #DavidBeckham #Goodluck #LAGalaxy #MLSSoccerRYAN
Thanks for everything Becks! #FarewellBeckhamDan
It feels like just yesterday I got on my computer and saw that he was going to the #LAGalaxy and I was shocked! #farewellbeckhamKyle Majerick
Goodbye Beckham #farewellbeckhamDylan Jimenez
You will be missed #farewellbeckhamnicholas DeBrunner
David Beckham will be missed #sadface #farewellbeckhamErica Eisenberg
#farewellbeckham Here's to the championship game this year!garrett brock.
David Beckham unassisted free kick goalthelagalaxy
Proud of the way he has become part of the heart and soul of the club. It took awhile. I will miss seeing him. #FarewellBeckham #LAGalaxyJosh Guesman
What a sad sad day. Beckham will be playing his last game in a galaxy jersey on december 1st in the MLS Cup Final. #farewellbeckhamJeff Shipman
#farewellbeckham one of my favorite players of all time.Brian
thank you for all you have done for #MLS and american soccer #farewellbeckhamJames Chapman
Beckham announces retirement from MLS. He helped make one of the greatest sports moments for me TFC vs. LA at Rogers Centre #farewellbeckhamTrevor Georgie
Big decision by Beckham. Impact on the club cannot be overstated. Even with the Galaxy's wealth, he is an irreplaceable figure. #MLSKyle McCarthy
May have started roughly,back end of David Beckham era could not have gone much better. Figurehead of arguably greatest team in @MLS historyMax Bretos
Beckham by the numbers: 18 goals, 40 assists in 98 regular season matches in #MLS. Marketing impact: priceless.Steven Goff
To say that the Galaxy's/MLS investment in Beckham was worth it would be an insane understatement. Guy is/was a game-changer for MLSAvi Creditor
Just remembering back to when some Galaxy fans booed Beckham. Fought through that and won them back. An absolute legendkeith costigan
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