Adventures of Little Landon Bobblehead

Story of a bobblehead's quest to meet his bigger, real-life version

This is a story about a bobblehead who wanted nothing more than a chance to meet his bigger, real-life version.

Storified by LA Galaxy· Thu, May 02 2013 10:19:30

Wednesday, May 1: Galaxy staff found Little Landon trying to sneak into the Galaxy training session and then into the locker room.
Look who we caught trying to sneak into #lagalaxy training today... #LDbobbleheadlagalaxy
How did #LDbobblehead get in here?? Galaxy
Hey @sfranklin5, that doesn't look like juice... #LDbobblehead Galaxy
Sneaky little bugger... #LDbobbleheadlagalaxy
After the players had left for the day, Little Landon must have realized he wasn't going to find Big Landon so he went out and explored Los Angeles.
Content from Adventures of Little Landon BobbleheadLittle Landon seems to be on a quest to do and see as many of the same things as his bigger Landon counterpart that he can. Follow his st...
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