Academic Enrichment Program

academy enrichment

The Enrichment Program provides life skills training and character development for the student-athletes of the LA Galaxy Academy. The program implements an Enrichment once a month, in the form of developmental workshops, guest speakers, videos, discussions, and/or field trips to add an additional dimension to the LA Galaxy Academy. The Enrichment Program also encompasses the LA Galaxy Academy community outreach initiatives.

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The goal of the Enrichment Program is twofold:

  1. Cultivate LA Galaxy values within the Academy student-athletes
  2. Produce graduates who are well-rounded individuals with strong skills for navigating life successfully

LA Galaxy Core Values:  Be the Best, Advance the Game, Make a Difference, and Respect All

Life Performance Skills: Focus, Perspective taking, Communication, Critical thinking, Perseverance, Self Regulation, Motivation, Emotional Intelligence, Metacognition

The Enrichment Program content was selected based on critical values and skills that create and drive the LA Galaxy environment and culture.