Vision for the LA Galaxy Academy Academic Program

About the LA Galaxy Academy Academic Program

Founded in 2015, the LA Galaxy Academy Academic Program takes pride in providing an individualized and rigorous academic program designed to equip our student-athletes with the 21st Century skills needed to be successful in their careers, contributors to our global society, and academically ready for top-level colleges. 

Our Academic Program is a combination of a physical classroom setting and online curriculum. The Academic Program is housed in a classroom on the Dignity Health Sports Park Campus. The student-athletes utilize a highly successful, college preparatory online curriculum. In addition, the Academy Education Staff offers on-site academic learning coaches and content area specialists. Each student-athlete is designated a learning coach. The learning coach ensures that the student is engaging in the learning process with integrity. The learning coach supports the student in study skills development and fosters the use of self-regulation strategies to increase academic performance and success. The content area specialists (Math, Science, English, and History) supplement the student-athletes' online curriculum with face-to-face instruction. The specialists facilitate small group discussions, assist with mastery of the content, and provide 1 to 1 instruction.

Immersed in the LA Galaxy Environment

This program will provide our LA Galaxy Academy student-athletes with the opportunity to be immersed – daily – in the LA Galaxy environment and culture.  At the heart of the program is the idea that we at the LA Galaxy strive to be at the forefront of unique and groundbreaking programs for our athletes.  In keeping with this tradition, we have created this program for our youngest athletes to, not only have the best opportunity to develop as successful world-class athletes, but also to continue to develop as quality students so that we are helping to create exceptional young men.