Cozmo’s Read Along

Cozmo’s Read Along is an exciting new program designed to aid in the promotion of literacy and education throughout Southern California. While the Kickstart Summer Reading Challenge will continue to serve as an incentive based program throughout the summer months of the calendar year, Cozmo’s Read Along will bring Cozmo and the Galaxy Star Squad to different libraries and schools yearlong to read to children aged kindergarten to elementary.

During this 45min-1 hour long program, Cozmo and a Galaxy Star Squad member will greet and introduce themselves to the children in attendance. A Galaxy Star Squad member will read a soccer themed book and as the book is read, Cozmo will act out the story with soccer props and equipment in conjunction with the storyline. Upon completion of the book, Cozmo & the Galaxy Star Squad member will emphasize and reiterate the importance of reading, as well as take pictures with the kids, sign autographs, and distribute Galaxy pens, pencils, stickers, etc.

Become a Cozmo’s Read Along Participant: Qualified libraries, schools, and after school programs may request to participate in Cozmo’s Read Along program online through completing the form below: 

*LA Galaxy reserves the right to deny any requests. Cozmo appearance is not finalized until confirmation is received from LA Galaxy

Become a Cozmo’s Real Along Sponsor:  Cozmo’s Read along is made possible by contributions from Galaxy partners, local companies, private foundations, organizations and individuals. Contributions help cover appearance fees and costs of books and props. For information on how to become a Cozmo’s Read Along Sponsor contact Danny Sanchez at (310) 630-2153 or at