Community Clinic Series

The LA Galaxy is teaming up with corporate partners again this season to lend a helping hand in the Los Angeles Community. Last season, the Clinic Series assisted at several Community Clinics and Projects, and they will return again to clinics this year. The LA Galaxy Community Clinic Series provides free professional soccer lessons to children in Los Angeles with corporate partners joining the esteemed LA Galaxy coaches and volunteers again this year at six separate dates and location throughout the 2015 season.

Wednesday, March 25 – Algin Sutton Recreation Center, Los Angeles

"The LA Galaxy truly understand what it means to build a healthy community. We would like to give the organization an effusive thank you for the work they are doing in the South Los Angeles community!"

- Diandra Bremond, Brotherhood Crusade

Upcoming Community Clinic Dates

  • Friday, July 10 – LA City’s Summer Night Lights, Los Angeles
  • Friday, August 1 - LA City’s Summer Night Lights, Los Angeles

LA Galaxy Community Clinic Coaches’ Corner

“I enjoy working 1v1s with the players in our LA Galaxy Clinics. It’s enjoyable to challenge the players to learn and try new moves as well as learn basic defending principles. Players start getting competitive when there are points on the line!

…I feel the community clinics that we host are extremely beneficial to each community as it allows us to promote the game and spread our roots to kids who may have not been exposed to soccer… it also teaches the importance of team work and being active.”

…I really enjoy having the opportunity to work with different kids at each of these clinics. To see the excitement on their faces and knowing that you are making an impact on their lives is something I will always enjoy the most.”

-Wes Meadows, Supervisor of Camps & Clinics

Thank you to all of our Community Clinic Series Partners!