Former LA Galaxy midfielder Mike Magee trains with the Chicago Fire for the first time

Former LA Galaxy midfielder Mike Magee trained with the Chicago Fire for the first time since being traded by the LA Galaxy for Robbie Rogers last Saturday.

Magee will don the number nine shirt with the Fire and spoke to the media for the first time on Monday about his deal that sent him from LA to his hometown of Chicago. 

“It’s been on my mind pretty much since I left. I tried to get back [here] a couple times in the past and then I think throughout the process with Robbie Rogers, that whole saga with him trying to get to LA, it crept in my mind that somebody had to go to Chicago and I raised my hand," Magee told reporters. 

As for how he intends to fit in with the Fire, Magee admits that the process is already ongoing as he hopes to translate his MLS Cup winning success with LA to Chicago.

“I hope so. It’s weird coming in. I have to cut the chord with LA and try not to mention anything about that. Nobody wants to hear me talk about any of that stuff. Obviously there are certain things that we had there and I’ll try to implement some of those things," Magee said. "I played with some pretty cool players in LA so hopefully I’ll try to take some of the things I learned from them and teach some of the young guys here. They have good leadership here. Larentowicz and Logan are two good guys – good locker room guys.”

A complete transcript can be found here on the Chicago Fire's "Always on the Inside" blog.

Courtesy of Chicago Daily Herald writer Orrin Schwarz, a photo of Magee training with Chicago on Monday.