Quote Sheet: LA Galaxy draw with Real Salt Lake

Postgame Quote Sheet
LA Galaxy 0, Real Salt Lake 0
Saturday, Nov. 1 – 5:00 p.m. PT
MLS Cup Playoffs – Western Conference Semifinals
Rio Tinto Stadium – Sandy, Utah


Overall thoughts

"Ugly game. Lopsided in calls. The fouls were over two to one in our favor. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. It made for one crappy game for sure."

On GK Jaime Penedo's performance

"Jaime did well. Sloppy game. The altitude, the wind, the field conditions made for a difficult game. To get out of here zero - zero, we lay it on the line next week. We have to win at home."

If it will be a completely different situation next week in the second leg

"No, it won't be completely different. It will be, actually, completely the same. We have to win the game, it's that simple."

On if their current situation is good

"We'll know Sunday night. That's when we'll know that."

On how they need to adjust for the second game

"I think it was a bad game tonight with the conditions and everything else. Maybe too many fouls were called and just a sloppy, not very good game. I think next week, the game's going to look a lot different."


On how the conditions affected their offense

"It wasn't the greatest conditions, obviously. I think that's the reason why the game wasn't flowing as much. There were a lot of balls in the air. Tough conditions, but it's for both teams, so we tried our best - both teams did. They tried to play, but sometimes it was hard to do. Overall, we just have to worry about ourselves and it's not a bad result away from home. It's a tough place to come, certainly when you're nil-nil at halftime when wind is with them the second half. Obviously, it suits them better for the second half. They were going for the goal, but we defended well and really caught them on the counter a couple times."


On Jaime Penedo's performance

"That's what we want him to do. Definitely, Penedo had a good game. It's definitely what we expect him to do game in, game out. I'm happy he made the saves today, but hopefully next week we won't give him as much work to do."

On how the conditions and officiating affected the game

"I think the wind was a factor. The field played really fast. Officiating didn't help... I think that that's out of our control. I know that Salt Lake is not worrying about the referee, so we have to not worry about the referee as well. We have to worry about what we can control. That's our effort, the way we approach the game, our unity upon the field, and the way we move the ball and play as a unit. Those are the things for next week that we have to concentrate on and we have to remember that we're at home, so we're going to feel a lot more comfortable, the fans are going to be behind us, and it's going to be great game. Salt Lake is a great team, and they always give us a good matchup. I'm looking forward to great game next week."


On the conditions

"I think the wind was a little bit impactful - you saw in the two halves, the team with the wind had a little bit more of an advantage in some ways. It's part of it. Both teams deal with it, and it made the game probably a little sloppier than a game between these two teams would normally be, but it's all part of it."

On how the teams has only scored 3 goals in the past 4 games

"We're fine on offense. We know how to score goals. It wasn't crucial tonight that we score. We had some chances where we need to make a better pass or pull off a play that we didn't, but we have a lot of confidence that when we play at home, we'll create a lot of chances. It's creating the chances - which we'll do - and then hitting the net."

On Jaime Penedo's performance

"He was very good. He made the saves you expect him to make, and then he made one really great save on Plata. In the past few weeks, he's had quite a few similar plays at that angle that I think he would tell you he wants to do better on, and tonight he adjusted a little bit and made a really great save. That was the save we needed tonight. The other ones were some degree of difficulty, but ones you expect a good goalkeeper to make. That one was the save we needed."

On if they're confident heading back home needing a win

"Yeah. If at any point you had said that we have a game - one game - at home to advance to the conference finals, then we'll take it. It doesn't mean it's easy, it's going to be a task against that team, that's so potent offensively. But if we have a game at home, we expect to win. That's the mentality." 


On getting a 0-0 draw to open the playoff series

"I thought the players on the field were going to give us the goal that we needed. Everybody had the proper energy, proper movement. On a different night I think we would have four or five goals."

On being comfortable with the result tonight

"I'm extremely confident in our team. I thought we played a great game on both sides of the ball tonight. Obviously their goalkeeper had a very, very good night and on a different night we could be in an unbelievable position. But right now we're in a great position, especially with these away goals. IF we're going to create this many chances in LA, then I give us a really good chance."

If the shutout is more important that scoring a goal

"If you watch the game tonight, I don't think we sat back at all do you? We created a lot of chances but just ran up against a goalkeeper that played great; hats off to him. I think we're in a fantastic position. I'm excited and I know the guys are as well. Yeah we're frustrated that we didn't put the ball in the back of the net, absolutely, but we created the chances and that's the most important thing. If we create these chances in LA it's going to be a good time."

On the teams 4th consecutive shutout:
"Obviously when you have a home game the goal isn't just to shutout, it's to play aggressive. The boys did that tonight. Right from the whistle, we limited them on the counter attack. I think it was from our offense which limited their chances on our end."

On the one on one defending tonight from Borchers and Schuler

"They did a fantastic job tonight, I think our whole back line did. I think if you watch the game, the chances that they had to do some one versus one defending in the open field, came off our attacking set plays. They were broken plays, they kind of got off on us. But I thought our whole team played excellent team defense. Our back line was extremely sharp."

On Penedo coming up big for the LA Galaxy

"He was fantastic. He was making a lot different saves. He was commanding his box. For us, we have to put it in the back of the net somehow, whatever it is. But we did an excellent job. We followed up rebounds in the first half and almost came close. We created chances several different ways tonight, which is promising. But he was very, very good tonight."

On tonight's officiating

"Listen it was a tough game out there. The conditions were tough, everyone was extremely aggressive. Of course I can say that there were a few different calls that I wanted. But at the end of the day, he didn't give any penalty kicks, he didn't give any red cards and let the guys on the field at least dictate that."


Thoughts on the game

"I think it's good. I think we put ourselves in a really good position. We didn't give up any goals to them, because those away goals, they count more this year, so if we tie 1-1, 2-2, 3-3 out there then we go first. I think we have the upper hand."

On keeping a clean sheet

"I did think that we created some very good opportunities. You obviously don't want to give up something late, especially against the likes of Keane, Donovan, Zardes, so we were a little bit more conservative than if it was a lead game for sure, because this is 180 minutes."

On the defense

"I think tonight we were just really good at covering for each other. One defender would step and we were aggressive enough to win that initial ball. If we didn't then we had to have someone covering, so that was good to see especially this time of year that we're really kind of establishing that rhythm in the back."

On playing the next game in LA

"There's definitely no comfort going in, because they are very good at home. When you're at home in this league, you have an initial boost of energy, so I think those first 15-20 minutes is really important, so we got to be ready for that. We've got to come out flying and hopefully if we get that early goal, we can put that pressure on them."


On RSL's position

"We're in a very good position. I think the first half was very difficult being under the wind there. It hasn't been like that all year, so really tough to keep the ball on the ground, so credit to the entire team for keeping the shutout."

On the goalkeepers
"Nick's incredible. He's the best goal keeper in the league hands down, but Penedo tonight, credit to him. He stepped up big. There were a couple of big chances we had. Especially Javier's free kick save. I thought was particularly impressive I thought, so he is a good goalkeeper, and we're going to have to work hard to put it past him next week."

On keeping a clean sheet

"Of course we're pushing for a goal, but considering the situation, we did not want to give up a goal. I think the last few minutes of the game especially the defenders are very conscience of that, but the entire team's mindset is of course to win, because that would obviously put us in a better position."


On going to LA with a 0-0 draw

"It's been a long time since we've been playing against each other. We knew there was going to be a lot to play for no matter we're up or tied. It's just halftime as we all know, so we still have a chance. It's still going to take everything we got, but it's still out there for us to get."

On the way both teams played

"It's a strange thing in the MLS. I don't really know what it is. I think they played pretty similar. I think they're a similar team like ourselves that no matter if you're a home or away, you like to try and play your type of soccer, and so I'm sure that is what will happen again when we're in LA. They're a really good team and they're really dangerous. That's showing it will be a really tight series."

On the team's efforts shutting down the LA attack

"It was extremely tough, but I thought that our energy and intensity was really good tonight. We put a lot of pressure on them. I think really the only thing we were missing was a goal. We kept them at bay for long stretches of the game. Sometimes the keeper comes up big, which he did. He made some really good saves. We just got to keep plugging away, plugging away and get a goal next week. I think that some positives is that we didn't give up an away goal today. Of course we would like some goals, and we had some chances and maybe on a different day we score those. Credit to their keeper, and credit to their