Beckham puts Disciplinary ruling behind him

Set to return to the field on Saturday, David Beckham believes that he has moved beyond the circumstances that led to his recent suspension.

The Galaxy midfielder spoke at length on Wednesday about his feelings about his two game suspension that for his actions in the closing minutes of the Galaxy’s 3-2 defeat to the San Jose Earthquakes. In stoppage time of the match, Beckham, twice kicked a ball in the direction of referee Hilario Grajeda and San Jose midfielder Sam Cronin, who was on the ground. The second kick struck Cronin, resulting in a yellow card for Beckham that led his suspension for the July 4th contest against the Philadelphia Union.

Last Thursday, Beckham was given an additional game and fined an undisclosed sum by the MLS disciplinary committee for "confrontational and provocative behavior” for his involvement in a scrum following the Earthquakes defeat that left him suspended for the match against the Chicago Fire.  Suspended for the weekend match, Beckham was present at Wimbledon men's final on Sunday.

Here are some of Beckham’s thoughts on the matter.

(On whether the rest during the suspension served some benefit...)

Possibly, it’s always good to get some rest when you’re a little bit older than the rest of the players, but I never like to miss games and getting the yellow card and missing out obviously enabled me to get some rest.

(on whether or not he deserved a second game suspension…)

BECKHAM: “I think that you have to ask the people that decide these decisions because they seem to miss everything else apart from the main talking point. They seem to miss everything around them and I think Bruce said it already about the referee not being in control of the game. Did I deserve a yellow card? Yeah, I probably did deserve a yellow card because of my reaction. Did I deserve the second game? That’s for other people to talk about; other people talk about it very well by the way.”

(On others believing that he deserved more of a suspension…)

BECKHAM: “Yeah, well, they’re the jealous ones unfortunately. There the ones that like to sit in front of the TV and discuss, even my life when I’m not playing the game. Maybe I’m at a tennis game, they like to discuss that, but that’s people that maybe like to get in the limelight a bit too much. But at the end of the day, I’ve missed out on two games which I’m disappointed with, but the guys got a great result in Chicago and that’s a good thing.”

(On regretting the incident…)

BECKHAM: “I never regret anything in my life, in my career. There's moments I wish hadn't happened, but I always try to go through life and my career never regretting stuff. It's over and done with now, as far as I'm concerned.”