Robbie Keane’s postgame thoughts after the 3-1 victory over Chivas USA

Robbie Keane has come alive lately and shined once again during the LA Galaxy's 3-1 victory over Chivas USA.

Keane added a goal and an assist against Chivas to bring his total to nine goals and five assists on the year. Since returning from the European Championship with Ireland, Keane has tallied six goals and three assists in seven games. 

Keane's postgame thoughts below...

(On combining with Landon Donovan…)

KEANE: “Yeah, I think that we combined quite well, we made it difficult for their defenders with our movement and the way that we were linking up. Overall it was a good night for us.”

(On the improvement of his connection with Donovan…)

KEANE: “That’s not what it’s about me, it’s about the team. We weren’t good enough before the European Championships and as a group; we weren’t good enough so it was simple as that. It was always going to come around that were going to pick things up and start getting results and that’s been the case.”

(On being nervous before Euros…)

KEANE: “No. I didn’t have one chance in six games before I left for the European Championships. The team wasn’t playing well.”

(On the reason for his five goal month of July…)

KEANE: “The team is performing better as a team. It’s simple as that really. We have the same team that we had last year and we weren’t playing well. For some reason or another before the break, we weren’t playing well as a team, but we’re doing that now.

(On his loan spell in the offseason setting him back…)

KEANE: “Maybe so. But I think that the players know each other enough now and if we don’t know each other now then we shouldn’t be playing together. It doesn’t have anything to do with breaks, the players know each other and we just went through a bad spell, which every team usually goes through. Thankfully, we’ve picked up and we can see that we’re a threat to anything.”