Back from injury, Magee could start for the Galaxy vs. FC Dallas

CARSON, Calif. – An injury layoff firmly behind him, Mike Magee is ready to play and could return as soon as this Saturday for the LA Galaxy's match against FC Dallas.

Sidelined since the Galaxy’s July 4th match against the Philadelphia Union with right shin hematoma, Magee believes that he is back to full fitness after a 45 minute stint against Tottenham Hotspur on Tuesday. After training on Thursday, both Magee and Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena told reporters that the midfielder had returned to full fitness.

Magee’s thoughts below…

(On getting on the field against Tottenham…)

MAGEE: “It was good, I was nervous for the first time in awhile, obviously with the atmosphere. It was a great game so to come into that one was a lot of fun.

(On the status of his injured shin…)

MAGEE: “The leg is good, it’s all better. It was kind of nerve-wracking for a little bit, knowing that every time that I ran, my leg was going a bit numb, but now it’s fine and I’m happy with that.”

(On what the injury was specifically…)

MAGEE: “I had a hematoma on my right shin. Essentially I just took a hard knock and had some blood clots in my leg that were pinching some nerves.”

(On when the injury cleared up…)

MAGEE: “The day before the game. I had to get a full day of training without any tingle before they let me play and the day before I trained and Bruce let me play.”

(On his excitement heading into that first day of training…)

Magee: “I was begging. I think I felt a little tingle at the beginning, but I didn’t say anything because I wanted to make sure that I got out there.”

(On his ability to go 90 minutes against FC Dallas…)

MAGEE: “Yeah, I’m ready. I’m ready for whatever role that Bruce lets me fill.”