Beckham, on FC Dallas and turning the page from CCL

CARSON, Calif. -- After missing nearly a month of action due to his Olympic commitments, David Beckham did not miss a beat on Thursday as he tallied a goal and an assist while helping lead the LA Galaxy to a 5-2 victory over Isidro Metapán in the CONCACAF Champions League.

But for the Galaxy to pick up a crucial win on Sunday in an important Western Conference clash against FC Dallas, LA will once again need the English midfielder to be at his best. 

Following Saturday's training session, reporters caught up with the English midfielder and below is  a transcript of Beckham's conversation with the media...
(On moving on mentally from Thursday's CCL match...)
BECKHAM: "Obviously at times it was frustrating, but I think that we are, we did what we wanted to do which is getting the three points. that was the important for us. There were frustrating parts during the game, but we did the job and we got his done and now we have to recover for the game tomorrow, which is another big game. Dallas is never an easy game. they come here, they press us and work hard so we know that it's going to be a tough game."
(On David Ferreira...)
BECKHAM: it's great to see him back, it's great to see any player back that has come from a bad injury so it's great for them, of course and great for them personally. but we know that they've got a couple of good players and they're in good form. they're going to come here with a lot of confidence, but as long as we do our job then we should be okay."
(On playing an important stretch at home...)
BECKHAM: "It's always important with four games in two weeks, it's never easy, but at the end of the day, the fact that they are at home and we aren't doing any traveling. I think that's a big thing for us because recently we have been doing a lot of traveling. it's good to get home and get our legs back and play in front of our own fans."
(On preparing for the next CCL match against Puerto Rico..)
BECKHAM: "The guys will be more than ready for the next game. that game is over with now, like i said there were a few moments in the game that were frustrating, but like we talked about was getting the three points and obviously we did that and we're in good form going into the next one."
(On the wild finish to the match...)
BECKHAM: "There were many things that happened, it was good until the 60 minute mark and then it went crazy. Cards were given and cards weren't given and a lot of things happened, but we have to move on from there. We need to concentrate on the games that are coming up and not silly decisions that we're made in that game."