CONCACAF Calamity behind him, Keane looks to feature against FC Dallas

CARSON, Calif. -- Robbie Keane was at the center of controversy during Thursday's CONCACAF Champions League match against Isidro Metapan, but the Irish forward has put the past in the rearview as the LA Galaxy prepare for Sunday's clash against FC Dallas.  

After a dangerous stint that included a goal in the 22nd minute, Keane departed Thursday's match under questionable circumstances in the 70th minute. After receiving a yellow card from referee Alfredo Peñaloza, Keane leapt up signaling to be substituted, but was awarded a red card by Peñaloza moments later. Despite being down a man, the Galaxy tallied a pair of goals as LA roared to a 5-2 victory over the Salvadorans.

With Thursday behind him, Keane is expected to play a vital role in the Galaxy attack on Sunday. 

Below are the Irish forward's thoughts following Saturday's training session...

(On the turnaround...)

KEANE: "It's obviously a quick game turnaround so it's good that we're in form at the moment and playing a few home games so it's important. It's important that we get three points."

(On putting the Metapan behind him...)

KEANE: "Right after the game, I was finished. I can't let it stay because referees are making stupid decisions so if it was a bad tackle then I hold my hand up, I'm a quite honest person. The referee made a terrible decision so I was shocked that he gave me a yellow card to be honest with you. I probably shouldn't have said what I said afterward, but I was more in shock and disbelief."

(On missing Wednesday's CCL match...)

KEANE: "It's tough, but maybe it's a good opportunity for the other players to get minutes under their belts and I know all be ready for tomorrow and I'll put all my energy into that."