Wilhelmsson, on Reserve League performance and settling in to the Galaxy

CARSON, Calif. -- Christian Wilhelmsson put in another solid performance in his second Reserve League stint with the LA Galaxy on Monday. 

Stationed on the left hand side, the Galaxy's Swedish winger was productive during his 57 minute stint in LA's 4-0 Reserve League victory over the Portland Timbers. Wilhelmsson was unable to get on the score sheet, but was solid creating several chances for LA. But his finest moment came midway through the second half when he tussled with Timbers defender Eric Brunner, a spat that ended with Wilhelmsson knocking Brunner to the ground. 

Below are Wilhelmsson's thoughts on the match...

(On his performance…)

WILHELMSSON: “It’s a start, I think that the whole team played a great game. We kept the ball, it’s very hot and we tried to do the job and everyone did their job today so it was a great performance.”

(On whether or not he’ll start on Friday…)

WILHELMSSON: “That I don’t know. I’ve just been here for about a week or ten days so I have to get into it, but I’m trying to work hard and get my fitness up so we’ll see.”

(On his integration…)

WILHELMSSON: “They’re great. They’re all very nice guys so it’s not a problem at all.”

(On settling in Southern California…)

WILHELMSSON: “I’m trying to find a place now, I’m starting to look around and we’ll see what it will be.”

(On his tussle with Brunner…)

WILHELMSSON: “It was just a little bit rompy, but it’s alright. We spoke after and it’s all right. He tried to explain and I tried to explain and it was no big deal.”

(On how close he is to full fitness…)

WILHELMSSON: “I haven’t had a preseason yet so this is my start of it to get in shape. We still have to work on it. Every session and every minute in these games is important to me so I just need to work hard.”

(On whether regaining game fitness is the most important thing for him…)

WILHELMSSON: “Maybe game rhythm, I think. That’s coming slowly and getting there.”

(On his impression when Donovan came in…)

WILHELMSSON: “He’s a great player first of all, he has a lot of these qualities and he’s very smart. I think that they were tired and because we kept the ball, they had to run a lot and that made it easier for us to play in the last 15-20 minutes.”