Buddle discusses his return and Wednesday's match in Puerto Rico

NEW ORLEANS— While the LA Galaxy’s flight refuels in New Orleans on the way to Puerto Rico, reporters caught up with LA Galaxy forward Edson Buddle to discuss his return to the lineup.

Buddle went 12 minutes in an effective substitute stint during the Galaxy’s 2-0 victory over the Colorado Rapids last Friday.

Buddle's quotes are below...

(On his rehab…)

BUDDLE: “Every day, I feel like my knee is getting stronger. Some days a little sorer than others, but each and every day I feel more comfortable on the field.

(On getting used to being out on the field…)

BUDDLE: “Getting used to the timing, getting used to everything. My knee is still not as strong as my left. I think that I have to keep strengthening it and work on my balance. It’ll all come together.

(On whether getting his game time in spurts is helping his recovery…)

BUDDLE: “That’s what it is going to take. You can’t just throw me in there for 90 minutes; you have to build up the minutes. I think that’s what Bruce is doing.”

(On the most that he could play at the moment…)

BUDDLE: “Right now, the most I’ve played is sixty minutes and hopefully I can get 80 or 75 minutes. I lasted sixty, but as a player, you always want to play the whole game.”

(On understanding that he has to play in increments…)

BUDDLE: “Yeah, my mind tells me one thing, but my body says the other.”

(On potentially getting a start soon…)

BUDDLE: “We’ll see how Bruce does it. Anytime that he wants me, I’m available and I’m ready.”

(On facing Puerto Rico and what he remembers about his last trip to Puerto Rico…)

BUDDLE: “It was a tough game, we had to win. It was humid, the field was very bumpy and I know that it won’t be an easy place to play. I was surprised about how many people came out to watch the game so I’m expecting a good crowd.”

(On whether this trip is a happier one than the one in 2010…)

BUDDLE: “I agree. The tables are turned, it’s the other way around. It’s a different team  and a little more experienced.”

(On the importance of road victories in the new CCL format…)

BUDDLE: “Every win and every goal counts. You just want to win and advance.”

(On Puerto Rico being one loss from elimination…)

BUDDLE: “They have a lot to play for. I’m sure they remember the loss in LA so I’m sure that it’s going to be hard game…I know that it didn’t rub them the right way, us beating them 4-0.”