Wilhelmsson may make his CCL debut on Wednesday

BAYAMON, Puerto Rico --Fresh off his MLS debut, Christian Wilhelmsson may make his debut in the CONCACAF Champions League on Wednesday against the Puerto Rico Islanders. 

Tuesday could be Wilhelmsson's first taste of continental competition in North America after appearing in continental competitions in Europe and Asia. Because he made the trip to Puerto Rico, one would expect Wilhelmsson to play some role in Tuesday's match, but even if he does not, the Swede obtained a valuable experience as he looks to integrate into American soccer. 

Below are Wilhelmsson's thoughts from Tuesday's training session...

WILHELMSSON: “It’s like any other trip that I’ve been to. When you’re playing a game away, it’s a little bit further, but it went smooth. It’s like any away game.”

On the distance of travel…

WILHELMSSON: “When you play with the national team or the Champion's league then you get these types of trips. You stay in a hotel the day before and it’s the same kind of style. It’s not a big difference.”

(On the conditions at training…)

WILHELMSSON: “There was humidity in the air; the field was spongy with high grass. It’s going to be quite heavy to play the game and the ball will go a little bit slower than normal so we have to be prepared.”

(On participating…)

WILHELMSSON: “I don’t know how we will play or who the team is at the moment. I’m just preparing for playing and I'm trying to get myself ready.”

(On his training…)

WILHELMSSON: “I’m playing a little bit right and a little bit left. I’m just trying to get my legs going and my conditioning and it’s working out well.”

(On his conditioning…)

WILHELMSSON: “Physically, I feel better and better. I feel quite good. It’s just the game rhythm that has to grow. Those small things like timing still need to get in rhythm.”