Magee, on Juninho, clinching the playoffs

CARSON, Calif. -- LA Galaxy midfielder Mike Magee went 78 minutes, notching an assist in the LA Galaxy's 4-2 victory over Toronto FC.

Below are Magee's thoughts on the victory... 

(On clinching a playoff berth…)

MAGEE: First of all, I didn’t know that and second of all, it’s big. A lot of people counted us out a couple months ago so to clinch it with four games to go is a pretty large statement.”

(On whether being in second is vindication after slow start...)

MAGEE: "It’s huge. With the playoff format, you don’t want to be in the play-in game, but I think it says a lot to see the form that we’ve been on in the last two months. I think we’ve only lost one game and we’re still not top of the league so I think it shows how poorly we played to start the season.”

(On playing with Wilhelmsson...)

MAGEE: “It’s easy, it’s nice to be able to float around and find spots. At times, you’re searching for the ball and it’s not coming your way, it’s nice to be able to make a long diagonal run and know that instead of having to run 60 yards to get back, the other guy is going to cover. It’s been great, we’re still getting him fit and we’re still going accustom to each other, but it’s been great to be able to play with a little bit more freedom."

(On whether it is more difficult to be in first place or to be in playoff chase…)

MAGEE: “What’s tougher? It’s easy being in first place for starters so this is definitely tougher. Before you’re only looking at teams behind you and we’re now we’re trying to move up the table, but you got to be weary of the guys behind you as well. Obviously, you can’t have any let downs so I like being in first place better for sure.”

(On the form of Juninho…)

MAGEE: “I think that you all saw our reactions after our goal, we all got into a little huddle and sang Bruce happy birthday and we all just told him to shoot. If he wasn’t already, whenever he gets it, he needs to shoot because the form that he’s in right now is like nothing I’ve ever seen. Not in practice, not in games, not on tv or anything. Anytime he shoots, its either going in or hitting a post or something.”

(On Juninho’s second being his best ever…)

MAGEE: “They all look the same right, every time that he scores a goal, it’s like déjà vu. I don’t know which one was better, but it’s actually bizarre the streak that he’s on.”

(On Keane’s form…)

MAGEE: “Robbie’s in great form, when he scores it’s not necessarily like Juninho by dropping 40 yard bombs, but we’ve grown accustomed to Robbie scoring so it’s not as impressive because he scores so many, but it’s vital to our success at the moment.”