Robbie Keane postgame quotes (9/22)

CARSON, Calif. -- Robbie Keane tallied his fourth brace of the season on Saturday as the LA Galaxy cruised to a 4-2 victory over Toronto FC. 

The Irishman tallied two goals in three shots on the night, to his goal total on the season to 14, which places him among the top five of MLS' goalscorers this season. Keane scored the game's second goal in the 36th minute after an impressive pass from Mike Magee and then closed the scoring in stoppage time for LA's fourth goal of the night. 

Below are Keane's thoughts on the match...

(On his two goals…)

KEANE: “The lads did well, we’re a bit disappointed with the goal that we conceded obviously, but you can’t expect them in this league to have a clean sheet every game. We try our best, but sometimes, you’re going to run up against difficult opposition. We looked in control tonight, but when you concede two goals and there’s just ten minutes left and you’re only winning by one goal, sometimes the nerves can get at you. But thankfully, we got the fourth goal and we knew it was over then.”

(On the role of himself and Juninho in LA's recent surge...)

KEANE: “I think that the whole team has been doing well. It’s not just down to individuals. Myself and Juni have been scoring goals lately, which is always nice for the team, but I think as a team, we’ve been quite solid. We look like a proper team, we’re doing things together, we’re attacking together, which is very, very important so we need to keep that going.”

(On the differences between last year’s stretch run and 2012…)

KEANE: “It’s the same really, you just try to play every game as if you want to win. Listen, for us, we know that the start of the season kind of killed us, but that’s the way it goes. It’s important that when you have such a bad start, that you bounce back and we certainly did do that. At one stage, it looked like we weren’t even going to get to the playoffs so to look where we came from since then, it’s been massive, massive progress. It’s just important for us to keep that going.”

(On whether the team talks about finishing in the top 3….)

KEANE: “You always want to finish as high as possible, we don’t sit down every morning and have a conversation about it, but it’s certainly that we want to finish as high as possible. For us to get first will probably be difficult, with all the points that we are behind, but we just keep plugging away and try to get as many points on the board to see where we finished. Of course, we want to finish in the top 3.”

(On being in the top 5 in league goalscorers in 2012…)

KEANE: “Not really, no. It’s always nice to score goals, but I’m not one that needs to look at charts and stuff like that. I find out most of my information from you guys so thank you…I’ve never set out targets because as a player, palying so long, you can get injuries along the way and setbacks so I think when you stop jumping the gun, I’m one of these players that never thinks too far ahead.”