DeLaGarza on, the role FIFA 13 plays in connecting with teammates, fans

It was impossible to get news on MLS today without hearing about the launch of EA Sports' popular soccer video game "FIFA 13"

LA Galaxy players A.J. DeLaGarza, Sean Franklin, Bryan Gaul and Bryan Jordan took part in the festivities on Tuesday afternoon participating in a demonstration of FIFA 13 via gaming network Machinima. Earlier today, I broke down the Galaxy's ratings on the game and those who have already got a copy of the game can obtain a downloadable cover featuring  Landon Donovan downloadable here

Not being a gamer myself, I decided to ask DeLaGarza about the role that FIFA 13 plays in his connections with his teammates as well as fans and ask him about his own gaming skills.

.Below are DeLaGarza's thoughts...

(On being in a video game…)

DELAGARZA: “It’s exciting, especially as a rookie to see yourself in a video game. It’s humbling and you’re just kind of in awe that you’re in a video game. It’s awesome because everyone plays FIFA. We all get together and have tournaments and probably set it up in our [players] lounge. It should be exciting.”

(On playing against fans…)

DELAGARZA: “It’s fun to be on their level, not that it’s lower or anything, but just let them feel like I’m a part of them and they’re a part of me. It’s also fun to play against people that you know instead of random people online, who you can’t talk trash to afterwards.”

(On whether or not he wins most games against fans…)

DELAGARZA: “A couple Riot Squad guys, I beat all the time—Chris Tucker, no names, but—I’m not very good. I’m not a very good gamer. I have games, I play them, but I’m awful. Serious. I think I have ADD. That’s why."