Gonzalez believes his best performances are still to come

Omar Gonzalez believes that he is still not playing at his best. And that should cause serious worry throughout MLS.

In ten league appearances this season, the Galaxy have conceded just eight goals when Gonzalez has been on the field, notching five shutouts. Although the Galaxy’s defense has improved, the centerback admits that he is still returning to full fitness.

Below Gonzalez discusses his confidence as of late as well as his inclusion by some among the front runners for MLS MVP…

GONZALEZ: “With me personally, my confidence is still not perfect and that’s understandable, but there are some plays where I might not be at my best, like the one that I whiffed and Marcelo had to save and plays like that so if I can just minimize those mistakes then I’ll be on the right way. As a group, last game, we had a few miscommunications like the throw in that led to the goal, but we still got the win so it was good that we had those mistakes and got the win as opposed to the mistakes costing us the game.”

(On being considered an MVP candidate…)

GONZALEZ: “That’s really flattering because there are a ton of guys that are doing great. If my name is being tossed out there then great, but I’m not really focused on that. My focus is on winning another championship, first and foremost.”