Wilhelmsson's fluid motion gives the Galaxy's offense a new dimension

Christian Wilhelmsson is providing a new attacking dimension to the LA Galaxy and it's causing teams around MLS to take notice.

In LA's 4-2 victory over Toronto FC, Wilhelmsson was active on both sides of the flank and despite starting on the right hand side, often drifted to the left when need be, causing shifts in the Galaxy midfield. Frequently when Wilhelmsson would swap flanks, it would allow midfielders Mike Magee, Marcelo Sarvas and Juninho to rotate throughout the midfield (check out the chalkboard from that match here) causing problems for the Toronto defenders. 

Read more about the midfield adjustment here, but for a defensive perspective, I spoke with right back Sean Franklin about his own adaptations with Wilhelmsson on the flanks...

FRANKLIN: "It’s a little bit of adjustment; each player that has played on the wing is different. Christian is different from Magee, Magee is different from Hector [Jimenez]. Everyone is different so when we’re practicing, it’s about getting the repetitions of how the player is playing. I think that it is coming along well with Christian, not just on my side on the right, but Todd [Dunivant] as well on the left side with Magee. It’s been a good team effort."