International break Update: Current schedules and Times

The LA Galaxy may not be in action for the next couple of weeks, but five members of the Galaxy squad were called in by their respective national teams.

Landon Donovan (United States), Robbie Keane (Ireland), Dan Keat (New Zealand), Jose Villarreal (United States Under-20) and Christian Wilhelmsson (Sweden) were called in for the upcoming international period. Whether or not Landon Donovan is added to the U.S. squad will be determined at 12:30pm this afternoon. 

Below is a complete schedule of all the matches involving the five players


*United States Under-20 (Villarreal) vs. Canada Under-20 in Marbella, Spain. -- 8:30 am PDT


*United States Under-20 vs. Scotland Under-20 in Marbella, Spain -- 6:30 am PDT

*Faroe Islands vs. Sweden (Wilhelmsson) in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands at 10 am PDT

*Ireland  (Keane) vs. Germany in Dublin, Ireland at 11:45am PDT

*Antigua and Barbuda vs. United States (Donovan) in North Sound, Antigua at 4pm PDT

*Tahiti vs. New Zealand (Keat) in Pepeete, Tahiti at 11:00pm PDT


*United States Under-20 vs. Azerbaijan Under-20 in Mamrbella, Spain -- 8:00 am PDT

*Ireland vs. Faroe Islands in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands at 11:00 am PDT 

*United States vs. Guatemala in Kansas City, Kans. at 4:00pm PDT

*Sweden vs. Germany in Berlin, Germany at 11:45 am PDT

*New Zealand vs. Tahiti in Christchurch, New Zealand at 11:35 pm PDT