Bruce Arena post training quotes (11/9)

CARSON, Calif. -- Below are LA Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena's comments from training on November 9.

(On being surprised that Seattle got through over Salt Lake…)

ARENA: “I’m not surprised at all. The way those teams played this year that was the only goal scored in their four games. Obviously don’t expect a low scoring game, a close game.”

(On what Seattle does well…)

ARENA: “Their defending has been an important part of their planning on how they’re going to win games. On the road they really put an emphasis on defending as a team.”

(On how confident the Galaxy are against Seattle…)

ARENA: “We’re going to step on the field ready to play and win on Sunday.”

(On having the last laugh at team’s critics…)

ARENA: “I don’t pay attention to a whole lot that’s said and written.”

(On if there was any advantage over Seattle from past series…)

ARENA: “It’s immaterial. We’re just trying to win a game, win and move on to MLS Cup final…You can wipe the slate clean on all of these series. What happened in the previous ones is immaterial.”

(On what it takes to beat Seattle…)

ARENA: “Probably score more goals than the Sounders…You have to play well, concentrate on the fact it’s two games, maybe two games plus 30 minutes, maybe two games plus 30 minutes and penalty kicks. Anything can happen. You got to hang in there at all times and no lead is safe.”

(On how well the Galaxy is playing now…)

ARENA: “We’re playing well enough to win this competition.”

(On Mike Magee’s knack for scoring big goals…)

ARENA: “That’s the qualities of a good player. He’s always been a player that’s been good in and around the penalty area. When he gets a look at the goal, he’s pretty good getting his shots on the frame. Half the battle of scoring is if you can’t hit the goal the likelihood of scoring is diminished greatly.”