Beckham shoots down retirement and a stay in MLS as options post-Galaxy

CARSON, Calif. – What’s next for David Beckham?

The 37-year-old midfielder will play his final game for the LA Galaxy on Dec. 1 in the 2012 MLS Cup against the Houston Dynamo at The Home Depot Center, but where he ends up has led to much speculation. One this is for certain, however, as the midfielder believes that he has another challenge left. 

"I still feel that I have something left in me as a player," said Beckham. "I still feel like I have one more challenge in me as a player, even at 37 years old. I still can play at a high level. Where that will be yet I haven't decided. I have some exciting opportunities on the table. But right now my focus is on the final."

During his press conference, Beckham issued an emphatic “no” to the prospect of staying in MLS or retirement. 

"People have talked about my retirement. People have mentioned when I'd retire," said Beckham. "And I actually don't feel as if I'm ready to retire yet. So that's not one of my options right now."

Those options off the table, there are a multitude of others that have been bandied about where he'll end up next. 

“I do have exciting and some interesting options on the table. Over my career I’ve had many rumors said about where I’m going to be playing, what teams I’m going to be joining and even at 37-years-old that has not changed. I’m sure that will continue to happen until I’ve made my decision. I haven’t made any decision right now because my full focus is on the final in ten days."

And when will this decision come?

“Everyone will know probably by the New Year,” he affirmed.