Every one of Messi's 86 goals in 2012

On Sunday, FC Barcelona's Argentine magician Lionel Messi scored his 86th goal of 2012 breaking Gerd Muller's 40-year-old record of most goals scored in a calendar year set in 1972. 

Messi has tallied 74 times for Barcelona and 12 for Argentina in 2012 breaking Muller's mark of 72 for Bayern Munich and 13 for West Germany. The diminutive Argentine will have three more opportunities to add to his record total as Barcelona have three more matches left this season before going on Winter break on Dec. 22. 

The MLS Analyst Matthew Doyle spotted this video of EVERY goal that Messi scored this year first, but I thought it'd be great to bring it to the Insider audience for those looking for a little morning pick me up.