Keane not contemplating offseason loan at the moment due to Achilles injury

Robbie Keane is waiting to see if he can reach full fitness before even contemplating going on a loan this offseason. 

Keane told the Irish Independent that he still on the mend after suffering several nagging injuries including a knock to his Achilles from his 2012 season with the Galaxy. During his calendar year with the Galaxy, Keane amassed 23 goals and 10 assists as he helped the Galaxy win back-to-back MLS Cup titles. The Irishman went on an offseason loan a year ago to Aston Villa and talk of yet another loan comes as the Irish prepare for several important World Cup qualifiers in March against the likes of Sweden and Austria. Keane has recently been linked to Queen's Park Rangers. 

"I haven't even thought about taking up with any other teams, I have a few little niggles that I have to sort out before I even contemplate making any decisions,” Keane told the Irish daily during a promotional event in his homeland. “There has been a lot of speculation and a few clubs are interested, but it wouldn't be right for me to go anywhere if I wasn't 100 percent fit and ready. I don't have any major problems, just an Achilles injury, but if that isn't right, I won't be going anywhere."

Back in the states, the Galaxy announced their home opener on March 3 against the Chicago Fire. Also, this week, you can vote on which Robbie Keane goal will make the Goal of the Year Final Four. Vote here and watch the goals below.