Mike Magee describes what it is like to play alongside Robbie Keane

There’s been plenty of interesting copy produced by LA Galaxy forward Robbie Keane in the past several days.

Whether it is Sporting News correspondent Brian Straus’ stellar piece on the Irish forward or rock legend Morrissey’s poem to Keane — wherein he describes Keane’s as "pacing like a lion, as weightless as an astronaut" — which he wrote after meeting him on Tuesday.

To get more of a feel for what it is like to play alongside the Irish forward, I spoke to Mike Magee, who will likely be tasked with starting alongside Keane up top when the regular season starts on March 3.

Check it out below…

(On their relationship on the field…)

MAGEE: “Me and Robbie, there’s no issues with us playing together. The obvious thing is that we’re not a conventional pairing up top with us both wanting the ball to our feet and wanting to combine. It’s not conventional, but if we get put out together it definitely works.

(On how he handles Keane’s Irish brogue on the field…)

MAGEE: “It’s easy now, but I think he’s lightened up and it’s easier to understand. On the field, it is hard sometimes because he goes back to his younger Irish days when he doesn’t concentrate on his speaking. Sometimes, it’s harder to understand, but I enjoy playing with him.”

(On Keane’s strengths on the field…)

MAGEE: In terms of his play, his movement is second to none. it’s more or less getting your head up and try to find out where he is and where he wants the ball because if you take your eyes off him, he’ll be 20 yards from where you saw him last. He’s just a guy that you’ve got to find and you got to find his feet early.