Sanchez Sola describes the Galaxy as "the team of the league office."

CARSON, Calif. -- Colorful Chivas USA manager Jose Luis Sanchez Sola had a few choice words following the 1-1 draw between Chivas and the LA Galaxy. 

Following the match, "Chelis" described the Galaxy as being favored by the league. 

"This team, [the Galaxy], is the team of the league office in New York and somehow they affect, not in something as serious or as big as a foul in the box that was not in the box, or in an ejection that was not an ejection, but with a series of fouls calls that really cut my defense or that amplifies their offense. And, that’s is very tendentious, it exists in Spain with Real Madrid or with Boca Juniors in Argentina. In each state there is a team of the state and this is the team of the state,” Sanchez Sola said. 

“Tomorrow, they can fine me, they can tear up my passport, but I’m not joking. I’m not a subordinate, I’m not here for this," Sanchez Sola added. "I came here to coach a serious team, because (my players) give a tremendous effort, what they do is tremendous, I don’t want them to be affected by these type of decisions (of favoritism).”

Sanchez Sola also stated that he believed Joaquin Velasquez was awarded a red card due to his unfamilarity in MLS. 

“He’s already under the spotlight because he’s not a league player, he’s not a player from New York, he’s not a player that came from the league offices.”


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