Sarvas breaks down red card that led to the LA Galaxy's 1-0 win over Colorado

CARSON, Calif. -- The LA Galaxy were dominant on both sides of the ball in Sunday's 1-0 victory over the Colorado Rapids, but without a red card by Colorado defender Drew Moor that led to an LA penalty kick by Mike Magee, the story could have been different.

The play occurred in the 48th minute when Moor appeared to elbow Sarvas during an off-the-ball challenge resulting in referee Armando Villarreal to give the defender a straight red card and call a penalty. Magee quickly stepped to take the penalty and launched it past 'keeper Clint Irwin for the game winner.  

Following the match, Sarvas broke down what exactly happened on the play...

“It wasn’t an elbow. It was a hand. He punched me. I have no idea; I have to see the replay. I don’t know where it came from. [He] just hit my face and I fell down,” said Sarvas. “I didn’t say anything to him. He was just walking; I stopped in front of him. I don’t know, he probably lost his mind. For sure.

Sarvas was quick to admit that he believes he is still healthy after the foul, but he told reporters that he had not ever been a part of such a challenge in his career.

“[There’s ] not many [fouls] like that in soccer,” said Sarvas. It’s more boxing.”

Moor offered his own explanation for the play by saying that he was "disappointed" in himself for the foul

Video of the play is below...