Robert Mora/LA Galaxy

Postgame Quotes: Galaxy beat Rapids 1-0

MLS Post-Game Quote Sheet
LA Galaxy vs. Colorado Rapids
Saturday, March 23, 2013
The Home Depot Center

On the performance of Jose Villarreal and Jack McBean:
"I think they did well tonight, obviously each of them could have had a goal perhaps. I think Colorado's goalkeeper played well to his credit. If we are at fault for anything tonight it is keeping them around for 90 minutes. It was a flaw in our performance, I think we had chances to get a second or third goal, but give them credit they never quit and their goalkeeper played extremely well. At the end of the game we were solid enough this week to make sure we got the three points.'

On the impact of Drew Moor's red card:
"I didn't see the play so I can't comment on it. It was important, obviously it brought them down to 10 players and we got a penalty kick so it was a huge play in the game"

On the performance of his team’s defense on the night:
"It was a good performance. They have been pretty good all year, I think we have conceded two goals, in five competitive matches now, so for the most part we have been pretty good. Leonardo is playing very well. His comeback, if you want to call it that, from some serious injuries over the last couple years has been remarkable and it looks to me as he is jumping very well as you could see tonight with the number of headers he won. He is getting his speed back, we are really pleased with it. Throughout the year we are going to need to have a lot of depth in our back line and he has certainly only made us stronger by the way he has been able to come back.

On how much the returns of Landon Donovan and Robbie Keane will help his team kill off games:
"There are no guarantees. Robbie played here last week and the result wasn't the same. It will be great to get Robbie Keane back, I don't know if he will be ready to play against Toronto after this international spell. We will have to see how he is we when get to D.C. Landon is going to take some time, it is all part of it. It is good that these young players are at a point where we can count on them"

On bouncing back from draw with Chivas USA:

“It was a big response for us. We knew we let ourselves down in the Chivas game and we wanted to make amends for it. Coming out like we did, I thought today was as dominant a performance as we’ve had and that’s a big testament to the guys on this team and the depth of this team because we were obviously without Landon, without Robbie and without Omar and we didn’t miss a beat so that was fantastic.”

On the play of Jack McBean and Jose Villarreal:
“They were all over the field, they had a great game and unlucky enough not to score. Maybe the youngest (pair of) forwards I’ve ever played with, but they were great. They’re fearless, which is probably what makes them as good as they are, they don’t know what they are doing and that’s a good thing. There is a little bit of brashness there and it works for them. Jose’s taking shots and is aggressive and Jack’s holding up the ball well for us and all that stuff is going to add up.”

On the red card:
“It’s not like Drew Moor. I didn’t see the play. He’s not dirty, or a malicious player, but I can’t really comment on what happened. But obviously Marcelo’s jaw is a little bit swollen. At the end of the day, you capitalize on whatever you can.”

On the play of Colorado goalkeeper Clint Irwin:
“I don’t know where he falls on their pecking order but he stepped in and had another big game for them. You know, we had a lot of chances. He was coming out for crosses, he was aggressive and he made great stops.”

On his clash with Drew Moor that led to the red card:

“It wasn’t an elbow, it was a hand. He punched me. I have to see the replay, but I don’t know where it came from. Just hit my face and fell down. He was walking, he just stopped in front of me and I don’t know. He lost his mind, for sure.”


Overall thoughts on the game:
“I think we did very good in first half, we had like three chances to score. Second half we started good, we started with high tempo, really pushing them. Then we score and the red card change a little bit the game. They put everyone back and we just kept ball we didn’t attempt like we should but … I think the most important is the three points.”

On why the team played so well:

“We definitely got punished in training this week after the Chivas game. We knew as a group things had to be a lot better, our mental approach and a certain respect for the game, which we didn’t do last week. We were always going to win this game.”

On the red card:
“I heard it was, right? I like Drew Moor too. He’s a great guy, I’ve known him for a long time. Yeah, he knew. He knew as soon as the refs started talking he was [gone], I looked back to see where he was, and he was gone. Like I said, Drew’s a great guy. It’s sad to win a game that way— actually it’s not sad at all. We’ll take it.”

On visiting the White House on Tuesday:
“It’s actually amazing. I don’t think too many grow up thinking, ‘oh, I’m going to meet the President,’ and now this is going to be my second time doing it in as many years and it seems like the perks of MLS Cup just keep coming. You know, that’s something I won’t forget.”

On his team's performance aside from the red card:
“Not many things went wrong today, obviously, but a lot of things went well. That's all from our players, especially in the last 35 minutes after the red card. I thought it was a test to the young guys fighting and good on everything on the field.”

On Drew Moor's red card:
“I have to see it again, my angle was difficult so I didn't see it.”

On Clint Irwin's performance in goal:
“He did well. He's a young guy who’s been working hard, like many others that came in the game as well.”

On having to take out Pablo Mastroeni and Diego Calderon due to injury in the first half:
“It's difficult, when you have to know the team loses Pablo that early in the game. It’s a challenge. And with Diego as well, but in the end it was difficult, but no excuses and that's why we're here and the players need to deal with adversity and the challenges the game gives and try to make things happen and find a way to resolve it. And I thought that for more than a third of the game the players adjusted.”

On his red card:
“It was one of those things where we were moving up the field and then, I think the Galaxy got the ball back and I was moving into position. To be honest, I don't know who it was but I bumped into whoever it was and it was just a silly reaction by me, kind of moved my arm back in his direction and made contact. It's not like me. Disappointed in myself but most disappointed I let my team down because it gave away a PK and had to play a man down. So I let my club down and my team down and just disappointed.”

On his team's slow start in the first half:
“We didn't play well. We didn't move the ball like we wanted to and the Galaxy are a great team, obviously, even with some guys missing and they showed that tonight. It was a tough first half but we came out in the second half with confidence believing that we were at least going to get a point out of it which is why I'm obviously more disappointed than anybody walking out of here.”

On being a veteran player watching his team from the locker room:
“Proud of the guys. Everybody besides myself should walk out of here with their heads up because they worked the entire 90 minutes, did everything they could to try to get a point out of it, after what happened, extremely proud of them and I told them that after the game.”

On preparing for next week's match given all the injuries:
“We’ve got a deep squad and I think we showed that tonight. We had some guys step up, come onto the field, some guys were playing out of position but we showed that we got a deep squad and we shouldn't miss a beat next Saturday at home against Portland and look to get our first win of the year then.”

On his performance tonight:
“You know you're going to be busy on the road so it was good to get some saves early, kind of calm down a little bit but it was kind of the same experience as last week where we felt like we good enough for a point, if not more, and it's just unfortunate for the team.”

On what he was telling his defenders early on:
“I think just trying to keep the ball better, we were putting ourselves under a lot of pressure and basically giving the ball to the Galaxy and their very good when they get it in our final third so just telling them to get the ball, calm down, establish some possession, find some rhythm then go from there.”

On adjusting to new players as the game went on:
“You just have to adjust on the fly and fortunately for me I've been able to work with starters and guys coming off the bench and training and stuff, so I'm very familiar with everyone at this point. Just trying not to miss a beat.”

On his current form:
“I'm just trying to get better every game and just trying to learn on the fly and it’s a tough league. It’s physical and I'm just trying to pick up something new every time I step out there and being on the road you learn quickly, especially nights like tonight.”