Donovan returns to the Galaxy, but when he returns to the field remains a question mark

WASHINGTON -- Landon Donovan re-joined the LA Galaxy earlier this week, but now that he has re-joined his team, the question remains: when will he return to the field?

After joining the team on Tuesday, Donovan has participated in three training sessions and has already drawn rave reviews from his Galaxy teammates, particularly for his sharpness and skill despite missing the club's preseason and first five matches.

“He’s been doing work still," said defender Sean Franklin. "He’s been working out so it’s not like he’s coming in like it is preseason. He’s not 90 minute fit, but he can definitely make a difference for this team.”

“He seems like he didn’t take any time off.," said forward Jack McBean. "He seems fit, he’s still as good with the ball as he was before. He’s very impressive so far, that’s for sure.”

As for Donovan, he affirms that there is no set date for his return, but admits that he was keeping fit during his absence.

"I actually feel really good. My body feels as good as its felt in a long time. I've been very fortunate and blessed to be able to get my heart and [cardiovascular] fitness back quickly every time that we have an offseason or a break," said Donovan. "Now it's just about getting the soccer part back. That part, I've been doing my whole life, so it's kind of like riding a bike so it comes back pretty quickly. Once Bruce feels that those two pieces are meshed and ready and I feel like I'm ready then we'll get back on the field and start playing."

But could one possibility be the Galaxy's CONCACAF Champions League semifinal series against Monterrey, which begins on April 3 at The Home Depot Center?

"I could potentially see myself playing some role. I think it might be a little early to say I'm going to be playing significant minutes, but you never know," said Donovan. "Obviously, I understand the importance of this tournament to our club, to our team, and to our organization and if I feel could and I could contribute then I want to contribute." 


When do you expect Donovan to return? When do you want to see him back on the field? 

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