Gonzalez discusses LA Galaxy's 2-1 defeat to Monterrey

CARSON, Calif. –Omar Gonzalez’s thoughts following the LA Galaxy’s 2-1 defeat to Monterrey.

(On when the game changed…)

GONZALEZ: “I think that everything went out of control when Juninho went out of the game. they were pushing a lot of guys forward and we didn’t deal with the situation enough and we were sitting back too much and not putting pressure on them like were in the last 75 minutes.

(On how the club comes back…)

GONZALEZ: “Exactly, we  plan to go to Monterrey and hopefully put in the good 75 minutes that we put in tonight and make it 90 plus minutes when we go there and hopefully getting two plus goals.”

 (On the high tempo that the game was played at…)

GONZALEZ: “I think that was just being confident, being confident in ourselves and knowing that we have a good team out there and playing the way we want to. We just need to make it into 90 plus minutes and I think we’ll have a better result. If we finish those other two chances, maybe it’s a different game.”

(On the referee’s calling fouls against him in the box…)

GONZALEZ: “I don’t know what was going on there, the referee was quick to call me on stuff that I didn’t know what I was doing. I think I was being a little too aggressive, but there wasn’t much there to call.”

(On DeLaGarza’s goal…)

GONZALEZ: “It was a great goal for A.J. and it was great to see him score, it doesn’t happen very often so every time it does, I’m just really excited for him.”