Landon Donovan discusses Robbie Rogers training with the LA Galaxy

CARSON, Calif. – Robbie Rogers has begun training with the LA Galaxy in his first training since announcing that he was gay back in February.

 LA veteran Landon Donovan was asked by reporters about his thoughts of his former U.S. National teammate training with the club. 

Donovan’s eloquent response is below…  

DONOVAN: “My opinion is that Robbie is an inspiration to all of us as human beings. I think that he’s paving the way for not only gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual people and athletes, but for all of us to be okay with who we are. He’s paved the way for [Jason Collins] who we all heard about yesterday in the NBA coming out. At the end of the day, I believe that we’re all human beings and we all have differences and that should unite us and unfortunately that separates us most of the time. He’s showing that it’s okay to be different although he’s no different than the rest of us. He’s showing that it’s okay to be human and to be yourself, we all different things and we’re all struggling at different points, but he’s proud of who he is. I think that says a lot and I think that we can all learn a lot from it.”