LA Galaxy Insider Concession Section: BC Place

In a new segment of the LA Galaxy Insider blog, I decided to take advantage of all the traveling and frequent flier miles that I've earned to bring the readers some local color.

This "Concession Section" will be a space where I review the food at each of the stadiums in MLS. The dishes won't simply the selections available for the press or in the suites, but open for all fans at their respective stadium. In fact, this idea stemmed from my own lack of interest in the press fare.

Choosing a location at BC Place proved difficult as first as there were a variety of different opinions, but I ultimately settled on a local favorite, which I felt best embodied the multiculturalism of Vancouver. For my first ever review, I began with Vij's which is an upscale Indian dining establishment founded in 1994 by renown Indian-Canadian chef Vikram Vij and his wife Meeru Dhalwala. The restaurant has had a stand at the BC Place food court and on the stadium's concourse since November 2011. 

The location has just four curries to choose from: Chicken Curry with Kalonji Spice, Garam Masala Beef Curry, Mother-In-Law’s Pork Curry and Punjabi Daal. After consulting the staff at the Vij's stand, I opted for the Pork Curry, which was the staff favorite. 

At a roughly $10.09, the curry was not a cheap option for fans, but it proved up to the task taste-wise. The curry was particularly spicy and with the onions and parsley, mixed fairly well with the pork. While the curry was certainly quality, the price is likely to cause some to opt for cheaper options. 

Next up, PPL Park in Chester, PA. 


What do you think of the idea? Hate it? Love it? Stick to soccer?

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