Landon Donovan discusses Robbie Rogers and the LA Galaxy's 4-0 victory over Seattle Sounders FC

CARSON, Calif. -- Below are Landon Donovan's comments following the LA Galaxy's 4-0 victory over Seattle Sounders FC. The match was a historic game as it saw the Galaxy debut of Robbie Rogers, American professional team sports first openly gay male athlete. 

Donovan's comments are below..

(On the first half performance...)

DONOVAN: "I think our start was really good, not just the goals but the energy. The way we pressed, the aggressive nature we played with. We made tackles, we passed the ball well, we got a lot of chances and then when we had the chance to score we scored. It was as well as we’ve played all year."

(On what Robbie brings to the team...)

DONOVAN: "Once he’s fully fit he’s a true wide player that we haven’t had in a long time and I know Bruce has been searching for a player like that. On one hand, we lose one of our most influential players which is tough but we’re getting a guy who’s been very effective in this league and we’re really excited to have him."

(On what the team takes from Robbie’s courage to return...)

DONOVAN: "I think every person will take something from it individually. For me, it’s inspiring in that it’s OK to be who we are. We all have differences, we all have things were going through and for him to accept who he is and be proud of who he is I think inspires all of us both as athletes and as people."

On when people will focus on Robbie’s soccer life over his personal life...)

DONOVAN: "I think eventually we’ll get to that point and that’s the hope. But for now, because of the nature of the way sports have been for so many years, the macho-culture that’s been embraced by everybody,  it’s of interest to everybody. So now, for us, hopefully the hype of it is over and for him too. We can just get back to getting comfortable which is what he wants to do."