The other locker room: Seattle Sounders FC reflect on poor performance

A view from the Seattle Sounders FC locker room after their 4-0 defeat to the LA Galaxy. 

Check out the league provided quote sheet below...

Seattle Sounders FC Head Coach Sigi Schmid

(On the Sounders’ performance...)

SCHMID: “Our passing was more negative and back, we tried to dump too many long balls instead of playing over the wings a little bit more. We never forced them to defend for periods of time so we were constantly on our heels.”

(On evaluating a loss like this...)

SCHMID: "When you beat San Jose 4-0 that’s not going to say you’re going to win every game 4-0 and when you lose here 4-0 that’s not going to say you’re going to lose every game 4-0. You have to evaluate a body of work; you can’t react to an individual game or individual 10 minutes or a half or whatever. There’s got to be some accountability and we’ll address that.”

(On the penalties...)

SCHMID: "I didn’t think the first one was a penalty, I thought it was a good tackle by Djimi Traore. I thought the second one was a penalty, but I didn’t think the first one was.”

On Robbie Rogers’ return

SCHMID: "It’s great. I talked to Robbie briefly before the game and it’s great that he’s back. I’m happy he’s back and we allowed it to be a nice night for him as we played poorly."

Seattle Sounders FC Goalkeeper Michael Gspurning

(On losing 4-0...)

GSPURNING: "It’s absolutely not up to our standard and we have to sit together and talk about this one. It’s important we stay together and sometimes instead of pointing fingers we as a team need to join together and figure it out.”

(On how they bounce back from this loss...)

GSPURNING: “For us, the next game can’t be soon enough. I think most of the guys would want to play tomorrow because that’s the only way you can make changes for the future.”

(On the penalty kicks...)

GSPURNING: “On the first one I felt good. The first one we were still in the game because I made the save. Then of course on the second one, that leaves the thoughts of ‘What is he doing? Is he changing direction? There was nothing I could do on the second one. It’s just unfortunate that he can retake the penalty.”

Seattle Sounders FC Midfielder Mauro Rosales

(On the game...)

ROSALES: "It wasn’t our best game. From our form to our rhythm that we’ve had from past games, we did not have it today. Today the first half was really a disaster. We have to move forward. It’s tough to solve but the team has enough experience to step up in the next few games. “

(On how the team overcomes this game...)

ROSALES: "We have to forget about what we did tonight. Tonight, we did everything wrong. When we had the good rhythm of games, we were in rhythm and this is how we have to play. Not today, not in the first half and not in the second half did we control the game but at least in the second we did it more together as a group. We faced the second half with a different mentality and we needed this mentality in the first half before the goals.”

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