Bruce Arena's thoughts from the LA Galaxy's 5-0 defeat to the New England Revolution

FOXBOROUGH, Mass.— LA Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena spoke to the media following the LA Galaxy’s 5-0 defeat to the New England Revolution.

Arena’s quotes are below…

(On the result…)

ARENA: “Obviously, at the end, we certainly fell apart. It’s just a game where we actually played well in the first half and probably should have gotten on the board early with the chance that Gyasi [Zardes] had. Give them credit, they took advantage of their opportunities in the first half and they played a great second half.”

(On making changes…)

ARENA: “I’m going to make believe that the last 15 minutes [of the game] didn’t happen, but for the most part our back line played alright. The second goal, let’s be honest, the referee made a big mistake. He caught our whole team on the wrong side of the ball. That happens and that basically determines the game. No excuses on our part.”

(On the team becoming unglued after allowing that second goal…)

ARENA: “Yeah and they shouldn’t have. That’s life, but that’s something that I’m hopeful that the referees and assistant referees can learn from. There’s too many guys to correct that and resolve that issue. It’s a big part of the game, but in all fairness, we weren’t in position to win the game anyway.”

(On the development of Zardes…)

ARENA: “He’s getting there. The job of a forward is to score goal and the one that he had early, he’s got to do better with that chance. He was dangerous; he got a couple of chances. It’s going to take a little time. He’s still a little uncertain with some of his runs, but he’s a nice project to have.”

(On how the team moves forward after the result…)

ARENA: “Very easily. We have a game next week and that’s how we’ll move forward.”

(On Landon Donovan’s development this season…)

ARENA: “He’s getting fitter. He’s got a ways to go. Obviously, [he's] behind the group, but he’s catching up.”