Gyasi Zardes scores in victory over Chivas USA, but remains a work in progress

CARSON, Calif. -- It was the Gyasi Zardes show on Sunday as the forward was dynamic and scored the lone goal in the LA Galaxy's 1-0 victory over Chivas USA.

I spoke to Zardes and some of his teammates about his performance in this piece for

It is clear based on his performance as of late that Zardes has grown considerably since the preseason, but why and how has he matured?

 “You get more comfortable as you play more; little things are starting to happen a little more slowly for him. He’s not as hectic and rushed as he had been," said midfielder Landon Donovan. "His passing has gotten better. Initially, he was just focused on making some space for himself and getting a shot, but now his passing has gotten better. He’s a little better holding the ball and we just have to keep moving him along."


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